A Desert Called Peace by Tom Kratman

Edit3:After reading A State of Disobedience by Tom Kratman I got a bit annoyed at the views presented there and to a minor degree in the Carrera series. That Democracy can stand back for a great leader, UN, EU and other international organisations are fundamentally evil. Of course I might be wrong about this, an author don’t necessary stand for the views his protagonists have. As Tom says himself. There will be democracy eventually in the series, of sorts. One of the reason I read is to understand better what motivates people. Reading the Carrera stories has given me a lot of insight into the culture in the Middle East and some what ifs.

This is a book about the war on terrorfought on the colony New Earth 500 years or so in the future. All of todays powers are there under different names though maybe a little different. Earth has a run down Peace Keeping Fleet around the planet with a hidden agenda: to plunge the planet into war and barbarism by playing Muslim fanatics against the more developed countries. United Earth is suffering from a hash stratified social system where the proles are less than slaves. Earths level of technology is declining and they can’t build new starships any more. That’s why they struggle to keep the New Earthers from developing their own technology. They might find out Earth has lost most of it’s and might come calling.

After his Family are killed in a 911 attack Fredrick Henessay starts his own war against those responsible. He raises an army and fight in an Iraq-like war.

You can tell Tom Kratman served himself. The story contains lots of realistic details and he really knows something about how to organise an army. I can tell. I used to be an officer myself.

This is the first book I read by Tom himself. I Read 2 books before that he wrote with John Ringo. Sometimes the story strikes me more as a way for Tom to process the war he himself where in rather than go science fiction. A bit like many with progressive social ideas went for Fantasy there a while in the 80s and 90s. All in all it kept me up a couple of nights. Maybe not for everyone but if you like military science fiction or just want to view a war from the inside of someone who fought in one this is a book for you.