New & Returning TV This Week (May 31- June 6)

Ahh, the first week of summer. We have some great summer shows returning this week. Not much for us genre buffs this week.

Monday, May 31

Saving Grace (TNT) 4.05 – So Help Me God. Episode Synopsis: With the celestial Earl in her corner, Grace must answer to a higher authority and deal with the judgment of her past behavior.

Tuesday, June 1

Glee (Fox) 1.20 – Funk. The glee club gets some jarring news; Will gets revenge on Sue (for the time being); and Quinn connects with her “funky” side, with some help from Mercedes. [video below]

Justified (FX) 1.12 – Fathers and Sons. With Bo Crowder’s meth operation ramping up, Art and Raylan try to enlist Arlo to infiltrate his gang. Boyd Crowder doesn’t approve of his father’s business, either. And Ava has a grudge of her own against Bo. [video below]

Wednesday, June 2

Happy Town (ABC) 1.04 – Slight of Hand. When Rachel Conroy mysteriously vanishes, an eerie cloud settles over Haplin, as clues point to the return of the elusive Magic Man. Surprisingly, Tommy finds an unlikely ally while desperately searching for his wife. Meanwhile, Handsome Dan announces he has to leave Haplin, then unexpectedly turns up elsewhere. Henley manages to get her stolen property back from Greggy Stiviletto and uses it to blackmail a member of Haplin’s powerful “first” family. Finally, Tommy investigates some gruesome evidence that ironically could mean good news for many of Haplin’s families

Thursday, June 3

Burn Notice (USA) 4.01 – Friends and Enemies – 4th Season Premiere. A lawyer needs protection from a ruthless biker gang in the Season 4 premiere. Meanwhile, Michael attempts to thwart a terrorist threat and must join forces with an unexpected partner.

Royal Pains (USA) 2.01 – Spasticity – 2nd Season Premier. In the Season 2 premiere, an inventor’s son tries to break free from his father, but his methods prove dangerous. Elsewhere, Jill’s mentor tries to have her fired. Marcia Gay Harden guest stars.

Friday, June 4

Stargate Universe (Syfy) 1.19 – Incursion, part 1. Part 1 of 2. Col. Telford reveals a threat to the Destiny from the Lucian Alliance, prompting Gen. O’Neill to launch a preemptive attack on the foes’ base. [video below]

Past Life (Fox) – Gone Daddy Gone. An office worker’s violent outburst leads to the revelation that, in a previous life, he was involved in a violent crime in Texas.

Gravity (Starz) 1.07 – Let it Mellow. A picnic in Central Park makes for an idyllic date for Robert and Lily until the weather takes a turn for the worse and a manipulative Miller complicates things for the two.

Saturday, June 5

Sunday, June 6

Treme (HBO) 1.08 – All on a Mardi Gras Day. The city prepares for the first Fat Tuesday since Katrina; Albert gets a message from the police; LaDonna keeps her bad news a secret for the time being; Creighton’s Mardi Gras spirit isn’t what it used to be.




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