Forthcoming SF&F Books 2012-2016

bdswiss opzioni binarie recensioni These are the upcoming books I would like to read and review

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binäre optionen kaufen It is also my teaser page of things to come. The further away a release is the less certain is the information, covers can change from week to week and delays are common. This is also a collection of data from public sources that can contain errors or old information. So you can’t trust this calendar like it is written in stone.

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February 2013

auto opzioni binarie punto com   Resonance (Ragnarok book 3) by John Meaney (Gollancz)

  • Hellhole Awakening (Hellhole 2) by Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert (Simon & Schuster) – uk us
  • Breaking Point (Article 5 2) by Kristen Simmons (Tor)
  • Resonance (Ragnarok book 3) by John Meaney (Gollancz) – uk

March 2013

quale broker per opzioni binarie     The Last Threshold (Neverwinter Saga 4) by R.A. Salvatore
Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza  Red Planet Blues by Robert J. Sawyer (Ace)

  • Shadow of Freedom (Honorverse – Talbott) by David Weber (Baen) – uk us
  • The Gate Thief (Mither Mages 2) by Orson Scott Card (Tor) – uk us
  • A Few Good Men (A Darkship novel) by Sarah A. Hoyt (Baen) – us uk 
  • The Art of War (Chung Kuo 5) by David Wingrove (Canongate)
  • The Last Threshold (Neverwinter Saga 4) by R.A. Salvatore – uk
  • Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza – uk – Debut
  • Red Planet Blues by Robert J. Sawyer (Ace) – uk us
  • Growing Pains by Ian Whates
  • Evening’s Empires (A Quiet War Novel) by Paul McAuley – July?

April 2013 نظام تداول الخيارات الثنائية  deep space  Protector (Foreigner 14) by C. J. Cherryh (Daw)

  • Fire with Fire by Charles E. Gannon (Baen) – uk us
  • Deep Space (Star Carrier 4) by Ian Douglas (Harper Voyager) – uk us
  • Serene Invasion by Eric Brown (Solaris) – uk
  • Protector (Foreigner 14) by C. J. Cherryh (Daw) – uk us

May 2013

segnali di trading opzioni binarie gratis senza broker    Bloodstar (Star Corpsman 1) by William Keith (Harper) Alien in the House (Katherine "Kitty" Katt 7) by Gini Koch (Dow)

  • House of Steel (Honorverse novella) by David Weber (Baen) – uk
  • Dead ever After (Sookie Stackhouse 13) by Charlaine Harris (Gollancz) – the final True Blood novel – uk
  • Guardian (Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier 3) by Jack Campbell (Ace) – uk
  • Alien in the House (Katherine “Kitty” Katt 7) by Gini Koch (Dow) uk
  • ACID by Emma Pass (Random House)
  • Bloodstar Star Corpsman 2 by Ian Douglas (Harper Voyager) – uk

Summer 2013

  • Serene Invasion by Eric Brown

June 2013

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  • Limits of Power (Paladin’s Legacy 4) by Elizabeth Moon (Orbit) – uk 
  • The Crash by Guy Haley (Solaris)
  • Abaddon’s Gate (The Expanse 3) by James S. A. Corey (pseudonym for Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck) (Orbit)
  • Earth Afire (First Formic War 2) by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston (Tor) – uk us
  • On the Steel Breeze (Poseidon’s Children Book 2) by Alastair Reynolds (Gollancz) – uk us
  • The Lives of Tao by Wesley Tao (Angry Robot) – uk
  • An Inch of Ashes (Chung Kuo 6) by David Wingrove (Corvus)
  • Lexicon by Max Barry (Mulholland)
  • Enders (Starters 2) by Lisa Price (Delacorte) – uk us

July 2013

tastylia uk    Storm Surge (Destroyermen) by Taylor Anderson (Roc) Beginnings (World of Weber 6) by David Weber (Baen)

  • On the Razor’s Edge (The January Dancer 4) by Michael Flynn (Tor) – uk
  • Phoenicia’s Worlds (Book 1) by Ben Jeapes (Solaris) – us uk
  • Heaven’s Fall (Heaven’s Shadow 3) by Michael Cassutt & David S. Goyer (Tor)
  • Storm Surge (Destroyermen) by Taylor Anderson (Roc) – uk us
  • Beginnings (World of Weber 6) by David Weber (Baen) – us uk
  • iD (The Second Machine Dynasty 2) by Madelaine Ashby (Angry Robot) – uk
  • Hellfire (Theirs Not to Reason Why 3) by Jean Johnson (Ace) – uk us
  • Terra by Mitch Benn (Gollancz) – uk us

August 2013

  • No Life But This (A Long, Long Sleep 2) by Anna Sheehan (Gollancz) – uk
  • The Ace Of Skulls (Tale of the Kitty Jay 4) by Chris Wooding (Gollancz) – us uk
  • Marauder / The Core (A Shaol universe book) by Gary Gibson (Tor UK)
  • Jupiter War (Owner Trilogy 3) by Neal Asher (TorUK) – uk us

Autumn 2013

  • Warcage (Humanity’s Fire Universe) by Michael Cobley (Orbit)
  • Like A Mighty Army (Safehold 7) by David Weber (Tor) – sept/oct/dec – title?

September 2013

  • Proxima by Stephen Baxter (Gollancz) – uk
  • Fiddlehead (The Clockwork Century 5) by Cherie Priest
  • 23 Years on Fire (A Cassandra Kresnov Novel) by Joel Shepherd (Pyr) – uk us

October 2013

  • Cape Grace (Shaman’s Tales 2) by Nathan Lowell
  • The Arrows of Time (The Orthogonal 3) by Greg Egan – uk
  • Defender (Kris Longknife 11) by Mike Shepherd (Ace) – us uk
  • Perilous Shield (The Lost Stars 2) by Jack Campbell (Ace) – uk us
  • Prince Thief (Tales of Easie Damasco 3) by David Tallerman (Angry Robot) – uk
  • Evening’s Empire (Quiet War universe) by Paul McAuley
  • The Clone Assassin (Clone Republic 9) by Steven L. Kent (Ace) – uk

November 2013

December 2013

  • Andromeda’s Choice (Legion of the Damned 0.2) by William C. Dietz
  • The Dresden Files 15 by Jim Butcher

2013 date to be decided

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  • Gods of Risk (an Expanse novella) by James S. A. Corey
  • Penny Royal (A Polity Novel) by Neal Asher (TorUK) – year?
  • Crux (Nexus 2) by Ramez Naam (Angry Robot) – later in the year
  • The Betrayal (The Bone World 3) by Peadar Ó Guilín (David Fickling?)
  • Treecat Wars (Stephanie Harrington 3) by David Weber & Jane Lindskold (Baen)
  • Cauldron of Ghosts (Honorverse – Torch) by David Weber & Eric Flint (Baen) – title pending
  • Armada by Ernie Cline (Crown Publishing) – 2014?
  • The Betrayal (The Bone World 3) Peader Ó Guilín
  • Marmelukes (Janissaries) by Jerry Pournelle


2014 date to be decided

  • The Winds of Winter (A Song of Ice and Fire 6) by George R. R. Martin
  • A Travesty of Hope (Honorverse Travis Uriah Long 1) by David Weber and Timothy Zahn (Baen)
  • The Lambda Functionar (Halting State 3) by Charles Stross – working title
  • Red Snow by Ian R. MacLeod
  • Hopeland by Ian R. MacLeod
  • The Day That I Loved (RNC 10) by David Drake

January 2014

  • To Do or Die Hounds of War (Ray Longknife 4) by Mike Shepherd (ACE)

February 2014

  • The Glorious Angels by Justina Roberts (Gollancz)

March 2014

  • The Quantum Thief 3 by Hannu Rajaniemi 
  • Ancestral Machines (Humanity’s Fire 4) by Michael Cobley (Orbit) – uk

June 2014

  • Target (Vicky Peterwald 1) by Mike Shepherd (Ace)
  • The Expanse 3 by James S. A. Corey

November 2014

  • Tenacious (Kris Longknife 12) by Mike Shepherd (Ace)


  • The Winds of Winter (A Song of Ice and Fire 6) by George R. R. Martin

June 2015

  • Survivor (Vichy Peterwald 2) by Mike Shepherd (Ace)

November 2015

  • Relentless (Kris Longknife 13) by Mike Shepherd (Ace)

نظام الخيارات الثنائية المملكة المتحدة 2016

binäre optionen June 2016

  • Rebel (Vichy Peterwald 3) by Mike Shepherd (Ace)

opcje binarne progresja November 2016

  • Ambassador (Kris Longknife 14) by Mike Shepherd (Ace)

Unsure when

  • (Storm?) Black Mountain (Ray Longknife 5) by Mike Shepherd (ACE)
  • Iteeche War (Ray Longknife 6) by Mike Shepherd (ACE)