ABC Cancel FlashForward, Better Off Ted and two more

follow url It’s no surprise when ABC cancel FlashForward, Better Off Ted, Scrubs and Romantically Challenged. Better Off Ted is the one I am going to miss most but it was not unsuspected. I wrote this January 28 Better Off Ted 2.11 Mess of a Salesman (Series finale?). FlashForward has been going on my to-watch pile for a while and Scrubs I stopped watching when they moved it to a medical school. Romantically Challenged hasn’t had time to register much before it got canceled.

go to site Better Off Ted, I will miss you!

Source: Aussiello Files

  • Lovestosing_6

    I just finished FlashForward – what a great show – I can’t believe it was cancelled.  I wish there was a place that great shows could go, like cable?  Regular t.v. is pretty much out for me.  Gosh, though, I wish the writers would come back together for a ‘movie’ version of season two – it would be pretty intense, but still – wish it would happen.  Gonna miss the characters, I still cannot believe it’s over :(