Welcome to Cybermage,

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My name is Ove Jansson and I love Science Fiction, especially in books. Cybermage is my blog where I write about things I love and find exciting which also includes fantasy, television, science and gadgets. I like wow moments, things that amazes me. I also like strong characters, characters that grow and develop as in good coming-of-age stories. Female protagonist is also just more interesting than male ones.

Some of my favorite sub genres are Space Opera, Military Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Steampunk and Coming-of-age stories.

My favorite authors are: Neal Asher, David Weber, Elizabeth Bear, Elizabeth Moon,C. J. Cherryh,  Jaine Fenn, John Scalzi, L. E. Modesitt Jr, Lois McMaster Bujold, Cherrie Priest, Michael Cobley and Sarah A. Hoyt to name a few.

When my son was younger I kept telling him “Books are like really good friends, they are always there when you need them“. Needless to say he is a reader too, though he leans more to fantasy.

One of my earliest memories is of hugging a TV in the backseat of a car as my family moved. I have been told I started to cry when they took the TV out and wouldn’t stop until I got to go with. Those were the times of black and white and one channel to choose between. Recently I discovered that people make fun of how bad TV was when I was a kid. Sadly it is true, but I always expected better. This might somewhat explain my patience with bad television.

I live in Boden, a town in the far north of Sweden with six computers and a couple of thousands close friends/books. My day job is as a R&D project coordinator for an electronics manufacturer.

You can contact me at ove at cybermage.se on email or @cybermage_se on twitter. For submission and reviews please see my Review Policy.