Allen Steele (Author)

I should have Orbital Decay somewhere but I can’t find it now. That was my first contact with Aleen Steele some time last century but it wasn’t until I read Coyote that he had me hooked. He has a real flair for portraying a pioneer spirit in his books that I like.



The Coyote books have such a nice new nation feeling, somewhat like I imagine America the years after the revolution but with aliens.

1-3 is a trilogy, 4 & 5 is standalone books in the same universe, 6-7 is a two book sequel to the first three

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Coyote Trilogy
  1. Coyote (1-2 is in one post)
  2. Coyote Rising
  3. Coyote Frontier
Galactic Club

Coyote Chronicles
  1. Coyote Horizon
  2. Coyote Destiny (not very good)