American revolution 2.0 (Coyote 1 & 2 by Allen Steele)

I just finished Coyote and Coyote Rising by Allen Steele.The books tells the story of humanity’s first interstellar colony and its liberation from Earth. It starts off with dissidents of the Republic of America (The new Liberal party have taken over America and enforces a strict regime, is this the Bush era taken too far?) staging the intro to the American revolution 2.0 by stealing the first interstellar colony ship ever.

You get to follow the colonists struggle to survive, and in the second book a string of ships arrive from Earth with the Daughters and sons of the Second American revolution. Some kinds of Liberation catholic communism seems to have taken over most of the Americas. Of course the original Colonists won’t take it! Thus follows another revolution…

A really good read, i can recommend these two books, you won’t be disappointed.