At All Costs by David Weber (Honor Harrington 11)

The conflict between Haven and Manticore reaches absurd levels with the new pod technology. Both sides want peace but they are frustrated time after time. Eventually it leads to the ultimately battle in the Manticore home system. And it ends with over 2 million dead and over 500 ships of the wall destroyed. Honor Harrington’s 8th Fleet are now Home Fleet, the only Fleet the Alliance have left.

Manpowers involvement in the conflict starts to unravel.

Honor Harringtons son is born as well as Emely’s daugther.

This story shares a timeline with The Shadow of Saganami and Storm from The Shadows. Manpower launched a delayed attack on Manticore at the end of Storm from the Shadows. And the solies prepared an offensive in the Talbot cluster against Manticore.

The next main story book Mission of Honor, will be out in 2010, and it is the first book in the war with the Alignment. According to David Weber the Alliance will have a rough time the next few books.

The next side story Torch of Freedom, will be out in October 2009.

You can also read At All Costs online at Baen Free Library (link). It is available in a number of formats including Microsoft Reader and MobiPocket.