Being Human 2.02 – New Found Out

Opening Scene, Vienna 1999, Mitchel is bound to a chair, in agony. “Hold out”, says his  friend.

Annie is entertaining her new serendipitous boyfriend Soul and her new boss Hugh. Mitch is being inappropriate awkward with his new girl interest at the hospital. One of the men from Vienna lies on the slate in the morgue exsanguinated.

Soul is having interesting visions. He almost died in a car accident and now he talks to people on the telly. Hugh also has a crush on Annie, there is some ugly tension between him and  Soul.

It’s quite cute when George gets jealous on the people Mitch have been living with before.

The mystical professor that bugged their house last episode is up to no good, now he might snatch George for the next full moon experiments. Or someone else.

Season two is quite intense. Big bad vampire boyfriend have a small talk with George, who tells him of his great love for Nina, smart. Especially since he is screwing the vampire’s girlfriend.

Annie, Mitch and George has a wonderful problem solving session about half way into the episode. The True Bloodish discussion about reveling vampires to the world was another high point.

There is so much happening  in each episode this season. I guess it’s catering to the Americans that where complaining season one was too slow. Just hope they don’t go all Spooks on us and kill off people you started to like.