Being Human 2.03

George is miserable since Nina disappeared (taken by the mysterious professor that tries to ‘cure’ werewolves in that pressure chamber) and Annie is fed up with the boys not doing their share in the household. She calls for a house meeting that interesting enough result in an show of male problem solving. “We should go out and get hammered”. Amusing, not to Annie though. That male problem solving comes again  as George tries to relate to Hugh’s misery when he finds out Annie is ‘gone’.

There is two main story lines in this episode One: Mitchel trying to keep the vampires hidden and Two: Annie and George trying to help Hugh get back together with his ex girlfriend. He still has feelings for her.

The vampire killings continue as a young couple is found mangled in a park, unfortunately one victim survives and are taken to the hospital where Mitch and George work. Mitchel have to compromise with his integrity to avoid exposing vampire existence to the public. He has to bring some order and deal with the unruly vampire population now that the old king is dead. But will he be able to stick to his morals? Will the end justify the means?

Annie is back to being a ‘normal’ ghost. Normal humans can’t see her any more, that unfortunately means Hugh can’t see her any more either. George and Annie tries to help Hugh get back with his old girlfriend since he can’t see Annie any more. It’s very entertaining the way they go about it.

I like this episode, it builds up for things that will come the rest of the season. There is also a major revelation at the very end of the episode.