Being Human Season 2 (TV Show)

Episode One

Last season George’s girl friend Nina got scratched by him and she haven’t told him yet.

George get ambushed by two vampires and Mitchel saves him. This is the third time. Vampire society is out to get him for being a King slayer. An old friend of Mitchel is in town to amuse himself with the power struggle left by the Kings demise.

Mitch is struggling with being human, taking a janitor job at the hospital where he meets this cute doctor. Hope it doesn’t goes bad like last time, when he killed his date.

There is also the morbid professor that experiments on lycans, the one from the end of season one.

Nina is a werewolf and she hates is, Annie knows and and try to get her to tell George. But she refuses. George doesn’t take it well when she finally tell him.

The female vampire that lured him into the ambush in the beginning is messing with Georges mind. George is weak, or is he? He messes her mind right back.

A good episode I am looking forward to the rest of the season.