Berserker by Fred Saberhagen (Berserker 1)

Berserker is the first book in the Berserker series.

Berserkeris about the epic battle of Life against Death. Humanity’s frailty and cruelty against itself saves it as the Berserkers attack life in our galaxy. This novel tells the story from the when man meets the Berserkers to the first Empire of Man. Fred Saberhagenhas collected a number of short stories togheter that tells the story from different perspectives.

I especially like the story about the Joker that meets an unprogrammed Berserker and teach him slapstick.

In my opinion Gregory Benford does a better job at telling this Man against Machine kind of thing. Saberhagen has some interesting philosophical ideas, but Benford has more depth to the characters.

Of Course there is a few more books in the Berserker series, though I wont be reading them tonight.