Better Off Ted 2.11 Mess of a Salesman (Series finale?)

I will miss Better off Ted. This very funny and weird show has brightened my days for a while now. But it has suffered from  bad ratings being opposite American Idol and now there isn’t any more episodes on the schedule, has the network pulled the plug? There should be two more unaired episodes left.

This weeks episode Mess of a Salesman might not be the best episode ever but it was certainly amusing and tricked a few laughs out of me.

(ABC’s episode description)
Ted helps his fast talking brother, Billy (Eddie McClintock), get a job selling lab equipment for one of Veridian’s biggest suppliers, but no good deed goes unpunished, as Billy proceeds to sell Veridian more equipment than they could ever use and corrupts Phil and Lem in the process. Meanwhile, a charity for girls that Veridian supports gives Veronica an award, but when she and Linda learn that the company actually gives very little of the money it raises to the charity, they set out to make things right.

There are quite a few highlights in this episode

  • Veronica’s reaction to getting a reward, Ignoring any question on the substance of the award and repeating  “I am getting an award” instead.
  • Billy’s explanation for loosing his last job “He keept falling out with his boss for keeping on sleeping with his wife”
  • Lem in leather pants
  • Lem and Phil breaking the rules and telling every one to”deal with it”
  • We learned that Ted’s father was “Fighting livestock for beer money”
  • Linda/Veronica’s bad cop/good crazy cop routine hitting up other Veridian employees for a good cause.

I really hope ABC renews Better Off Ted but at the moment it feels like  wishful thinking.

Enjoy these Offensive Outakes from the other week

The ad’s of the “Evil” company are a part I enjoyed with the show, here is an example:

Veridian Dynamics responds to President Obama’s request for free air time for his press conference on Wednesday, April 29, 2009.