Better to beg forgiveness by Michael Z Williamson (Freehold 3)

This is the 3rd free standing story in Michael Z Williamson’s Freehold universe. This time it is about a team of mercenary bodyguards that stands up for themselves and the President they are hired to protect, even when their paymasters turn against them. As usual it is the corrupted UN that are the bad guys in this story. Sometimes I wonder why so many American military science fiction writers have such a chip on their shoulders with the UN. But I guess I might have to if I was on the other side of the fence. Random reflection: I just remembered a colleague of mine once went for military training in the US and visited the Pentagon (this was before 911). When he started asking questions on long time international forecasts and threat assessment he was told that this was not the way the US military worked, they planed what was going to take place.

Anyway this story is more of a traditional military action. I enjoyed it but this one is not as good as Freehold. It might be a bit better than The Weapon. Read it if you enjoy military science fiction.