Betwixt Casting News

CW’s Betwixt has recently finished filming the pilot. The show is about three teenagers (Morgan Brower, Nix Uyarak and Celine Halstead) who learn of their true, ‘changeling’ nature and their uncertain, intertwined destinies after attending a secret summer rave in the woods. A live action adaptation of Tara Bray Smith’s novel Betwixt.

Betwixt is believed to be included in the CW’s Fall 2010 schedule. Rumor also says it will be partnered with Vampire Diaries (on Thursdays then?).

The buzz talks about Vampire Diaries and Smallville cross-overs, be as that may there are some news about the cast.

Celine’s mother Vanessa is played by Chelah Horsdal (Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, The L Word. Dr. McCann in Lexmas – Smallville.

Celine’s father Michael Garrett is played by Tyler McClendon (Todd in Stargate Atlantis, minor roles in Smallville and the Watchmen). Could the last name have changed from “Halstead” to “Garrett?” Sounds possible…

The main characters are played by:

Jessy Schram (Life) plays Morgan Brower, who can transform into a creature with claws, fangs and yellow eyes initially she wakes up in the night with dirt and blood all over her and no memory of where she’d been at night.

Allison Miller (Kings) is Celine Halstead (or Garrett?), an “ethereal beauty, who can fly.

Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives) plays Nix Uyarak a runaway from Alaska who lives in the wood and has the ability to see a faintly glowing halo of light around people who are about to die.

Other casts include:

  • Aaron Douglas (BSG, Smallville) in a possible recurring role.
  • Almeera Jiwa (Soulstice) as Laura and Leah Gibson (Watchmen) as Emily. Two girls who gets into a dangerous predicament at the start of the pilot. This is almost surely just guest roles.
  • Tessa Thompson (Veronica Mars) has been cast but her character is not yet announced. It could possibly be the role of Jenny.
  • Brandon Jay MacLaren (Red Ranger in Power Rangers, Human Target, Smallville, Harper’s Island, and the upcoming Tron Legacy) plays Steiner a video game geek character.
  • Blair Redford (Passions) plays Moth.
  • Austin Butler (Jones on LUX) plays Cameron the twin brother of Morgan who transforms into a wild beast with claws, fangs and yellow eyes..
  • David Gallagher has been cast as Tim Bleeker, a fellow changeling that’s known as a ‘cutter’, one who’s gone to the dark side. He’s further detailed as having a dark and slightly androgynous look about him that is both mysterious and sexy.