2009 Book Index

A list of the 147 books I have read in 2009 sorted by author. This blog started 13th of March 2009.

This is the first year I have blogged and I did read a lot more books this year that I didn’t write about. I will do better next year.

Best books of 2009


Augirre, Ann
Sirantha Jax Series
1. Grimspace
2. Wanderlust


Jennifer Government

Bear, Elizabeth
Jenny Casey Series
1. Hammered
2. Scardown
3. Worldwired

Belantyne, Tony
The Robot Wars
1. Twisted Metal

Bodard, Aliette de
The Lost Xuyan Bride – Online Free Short Story

Brosnan, John

Brown, Eric
Bengali Station Series
2. Xenopath


The Lost Fleet Series
5. Relentless

Card, Orson Scott

Canavan, Trudi
The Black Magician Series
1. The Magicians’ Guild
2. Novice
3. High Lord
Age of the Five Series
1. Priestess of the White
2. Last of the Five
3 Voice of the Gods

Cherryh,C. J.
Chanur Saga
1-3. The Chanur Saga omnibus edition of The Pride of Chanur, Canur’s Venture and The Kif Stike Back
4-5. Chanur’s Endgame omnibus version of Chanur’s Homecomming and Chanur’s Legacy

Cobley, Michael
Humanity’s Fire Series
1. Seeds of Earth

Czerneda, Julia E
Species Imperative Series
1. Survival


Dennis, Andrew & Flint, Eric
Ring of Fire universe (1632)
1634: The Galileo Affair

DeMarce, Virgina & Flint, Eric
Ring of Fire universe (1632)
1634: The Galileo Affair

Drake, David
7. In the Stormy Red Sky



Fenn, Jaine [profile]
The Hidden Empire Series (The Sidhe)
1. Consorts of Heaven
2. Principles of Angels

Flint, Eric
Ring of Fire Universe (1632)

Flint, Eric & Dennis, Andrew
Ring of Fire universe (1632)
1634: The Galileo Affair

Flint, Eric & DeMarce, Virgina
Ring of Fire universe (1632)
1634: The Ram Rebellion

Flint, Eric & Weber, David
Wages of Sin Series
2. Torch of Freedom
Ring of Fire universe (1632)
1634: The Baltic War


Gaiman, Niel
The Graveyard book


Harris, Charlaine
Southern Vampires Series (True Blood)
1. Dead Until Dark
2. Living Dead in Dallas
3. Club Dead
4. Dead to the World
5. Dead as a Doornail
6. Definitely Dead
7. All Together Dead
8. From Dead to Worse
9. Dead & Gone

Hickman, Tracy & Weis, Margaret
Death Gate Series
1. Dragon Wing
2. Elven Star
3. Fire Sea
4. Serpent Mage
5. Hand of Chaos
6. Into the Labyrinth
7. The Seventh Gate




Kratman, Tom
Carrera Series
1. A Desert Called Peace

Kratman, Tom & Ringo, John
Posleen universe
Yellow Eyes


Le Guin, Ursula
Eukmen Series
5. The Dispossesed


Modesitt Jr, L. E.
The Elysium Commission

Moon, Elizabeth
Remnant Population

Moscoe, Mike (alias Shepherd, Mike)
Society of Humanity
1. The First Casuality


Name, Mark L. Van
Jon & Lobo Series
1. One Jump Ahead
2. Slanted Jack

Niven, Jerry & Pournelle, Jerry
The Mote in God’s Eye



Pournelle, Jerry & Niven, Jerry
The Mote in God’s Eye



Reeve, Laura E. [profile]
Major Ariane Kedros Series
1. Peacekeeper
2. Vigilante

Reynolds, Alastair
Pushing Ice

Ringo, John & Cochrane, Julie

Posleen Series (Aldenata)
Honor of the Clan

Ringo, John & Kratman, Tom
Posleen universe
Yellow Eyes
The Tuloriad sequel to Yellow Eyes

Ringo, John & Taylor, Travis S.
Von Neuman’s War

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
Diving into the Wreck

Ryan, C. J.
Dexta Series
1. Dexta
2. Glorious Treason


Saberhagen, Fred
Berserker Series
1. Berserker

Scalzi, John[profile]
Agent to the Stars Free Online Book
The Android’s Dream
Old Man’s War Series
2. The Ghost Brigade

Schmitz, James
Agent to Vega Free online collection of short stories

Shelley, Rick
Dirigent Mercenary Series
1. Officer-Cadet
2. Lieutenant
3. Captain
4. Major
5. Lieutenant Colonel
6. Colonel

Shepherd, Mike (alias Moscoe, Mike) [profile]
Kris Longknife Series
1. Mutineer
2. Deserter
3. Defiant
6. Intrepid
7. Undaunted

Sparhawk, Bud

Steele, Allen
Coyote Series
1. Coyote
2. Coyote Rising
3. Coyote Frontier
4. Spindrift
5. Galaxy Blues

Stross, Charles
Saturn’s Children
Singularity Sky
Merchant Princes
1. The Family Business
2. The Hidden Family
3. The Clan Corporate
4. Merchants War
The Revolution Business

Stotts, Richard Allen
Prototype Free Online Book
Empire Series
1. Midshipman Free Online Book
2. Heir to the Throne Free Online Book
3. Majesty Free Online Book
4. Acheon Free Online Book
5. Citizen of the Empire Free Online Book


Travis, Karen
Wess’har Wars Series
1. City of Pearl
2. Crossing the Line
3. The World Before
4. Matriarch
5. Ally
6. Judge

Taylor, Travis S. & Ringo, John
Von Neuman’s War




Weber, David [profile]
Honor Harrington Series
1. On Basilisk Station
2. The Honor of the Queen
3. The Short Victorious War
4. Field of Dishonor
5. Flag in Exile
6. Honor Among Enemies
7. In Enemy Hands
8. Echoes of Honor
9. Ashes of Victory
10. War of Honor
At All Costs
Saganami Series
2. Storm from the Shadows
Safehold Series
3. By Heresies Distressed
Short story Collections
More Than Honor
Worlds of Honor
Changer of Worlds
The Service of the Sword
– Worlds of Weber [part one][part two]

Weber, David & Flint, Eric
Wages of Sin Series
2. Torch of Freedom
ing of Fire universe (1632)
1634: The Baltic War

Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy
Death Gate Series
1. Dragon Wing
2. Elven Star
3. Fire Sea
4. Serpent Mage
5. Hand of Chaos
6. Into the Labyrinth
7. The Seventh Gate

Williamson, Michael Z
Freehold Universe
1. Freehold
The Weapon
Better to beg Forgivness
Contact with Chaos




Zahn, Timothy
Conquerors Trilogy
1. Conquerors’ Pride ( 1)
2. Conquerors’ Heritage (Conquerors Trilogy 2)
3. Conquerors’ Legacy (Conquerors Trilogy 3)
Blackcollar Trilogy
1. The Blackcollar
2. The Backlash Mission
3. The Judas Solution