Books I want to read (April 2009)

By Heresies Distressed(Safehold 3) by David Weber to be released 31 July 2009
I allready orderd this book on Amazon. The previous 2 books was a good read. Weber is the master of military Science Fiction.
Relentless (Lost Fleet 5) by Jack Campbell to be released 28 April 2009.
This might not be the world best scifi but its a fun read.
The Android’s Dreamby John Scalzi is allready out and I have ordered it. Now I just have to wait.
Contact With Chaos
by Michael Z. Williamsson. I got the tip from John Scalzi’s Whateverblog. Its about first contact with a civilization without metal written by an airforce pilot in the middle of a war!

I would also like to see a new Elizabeth Moon science fiction book or two. But she only releases a book every other year or so. And she seems bent on fantasy at the moment.