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I need some new audio for the hour a day I spend in the car. Picks have been slight lately on Audible so I got three credits to burn. They add a mixture of older novels and new releases every month. Not finding any by known authors I decided for two unknown to me John B. Rosenman and Richard Phillips. John has written three books and this one Beyond Those Distant Stars looks up my alley, an alien invasion story.

Alien invaders have all but destroyed humanity. Stella McMasters, a retired naval officer, yearns to get in the war but knows she’ll never get a chance. Then amazing things start to happen. After saving a comrade’s life during a meltdown that almost kills her, physicians remove her radioactive flesh and turn her into a superhuman cyborg. She is then given command of her first ship and, against her better judgment, falls in love with its charismatic pilot.

On their way to join the Empire’s last line of defense, Stella runs right into an enemy vessel. For the first time ever, the mysterious invaders invite humans aboard. Should Stella accept, or run? Can she avoid a crushing defeat and save humanity in the process?

Richard also has three novels under his belt but his The Second Ship is the start of a series, The Rho Agenda. It figures the alleged UFO crash in Roswell. It sounds like an interesting young adult novel.

In 1948, an alien starship crash-landed in the New Mexico desert and brought with it the key to mankind’s future. Code-named the Rho Project, the landing was shrouded in secrecy, and only the highest-ranking US government and military personnel knew it existed. Until now.

The US president is preparing to unveil one of the nation’s greatest secrets when three students stumble across the wreckage of a second ship outside of Los Alamos. With a single touch, the alien technology the government has spent untold resources trying to unlock is uploaded into the minds of three teenagers — teenagers who now know the frightening truth about the Rho Project.The battle for humanity has begun.

I also noticed that my guilty pleasure B. V. Larson’s sixth Star Force novel Empire is out on Kindle. Wonder when it will be out in audio?