Captain by Rick Shelley (Dirigent Mercenrary Corps 3)

Lon Nolan have learned some of the social graces of the Dirigent Mercenary Corps. And when we meet again he is busy escorting Angelika.

He and his two platoons are sent to test a new logistical delivery system for field deployment at Nassau near the town of BascombeEast when he meets Sara Pine. He propose to her the same evening and she says yes.

Aldryn has two separate colonies, east and west. The council have been negotiating with them for an agreement and a peace-keeping mission, but negotiations have broken down and east have invaded west who promptly hired a Dirigent Regimental group to expunge the unwanted invaders and settlers.

Not comfortable with a war of aggression the Dirigents take on the role of peace keepers with a self limiting rule of engagement. They occupy Hope, a town with settlers from East that have been in place long before the current conflict in order to protect them from West and initiate a round of peace negotiations. But this time round it is West that don’t want to negotiate.When the Dirigents reinforcement regiment arrive in the system, still a few days out, West decides to attack Hope and the Dirigents there effectively forcing DMC to switch sides in the war. In the hard fight to defend Hope, Nolands Captain is seriously wounded and he is forced to takecommand. After the fight he is confirmed as the temporary head of the company until they return to base. He also receives approval for his marriage.

The west are not ready for peace yet. So the battalion Lon is in are sent to take out the West’s second largest airbase while its ground cover is up in the mountains involved in the fighting there. The Dirigents taking that Air Base tips the scale in the war and Lon can finally head home to Sara.

I liked this one better than the books before mostly because of the love story, the personalization is also better in general even if its still world war one tactics.

If i didn’t know better i would have guessed rick was older, he was born 1947.