Neal Asher (Author)

Neal asher lives on the sunny island of Crete (at least at the moment) with his wife and writes wonderful science fiction and he is one of my favorite authors.

Neal is a talented world builder in the borderlands of singularity and his characters are complex ‘real’ humans with regrets, guilt and feelings like the rest of us that makes it easy to relate to them. His novels are fast paced, easy to read and with complex plots. I started reading his agent Cormac series.

As far as I know he doesn’t have any aliases or pseudonyms he write under.

His next book The Technician come out in August,2010 and is on my pick for the rest of 2010. The Departure, the first book in his new Owner Sequence series will be published in 2011 probably in August. See my post on the upcoming novel.


Polity Universe

The Polity where most humans live is governed by benign artificial intelligences. They took power when humanity’s wars started to get out of hand and they elected themselves not to go after Singularity. Then the Polity meets the Prador and a huge war breaks loose (Prador Moon). Ian Cormac is grows up during the war (Shadow of the Scorpion) and his grown up adventures as Polity Agent follows. Then follows the Splatterjay series and finally Hilldiggers.

Agent Cormac series

Wonderful series about a secret agent named Ian Cormac that includes a mysterious dragon, renegade AIs, genocide, ancient alien technology, sentient ships and spiffy gadgets.

0. Shadow of the Scorpion
1. Grindlinked (2001)
2. The Line of the Polity (2003)
3. Brass Man (2005)
4. Polity Agent (2006)
Line War (2006)

Splaterjay series

This is a series I am about to read, the books are on my 2010 summer reading plan

1. The Skinner (2002)
The Voyage of the Sable Keech (2006)
Orbus (2009)

Standalone Polity Novels

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