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Chloe is one of the more controversial characters on Stargate Universe (SGU) and that’s one of the reasons I chose her to represent first. There are one or two more females there I would like to follow up with later. TJ is a given but I am still figuring out if I should include Wray and Lt James, what do you think?

Back to Chloe. She is the daughter of Senator Armstrong and she came aboard the Destiny as his political aide and he dies in episode one saving Destiny. One of the things some fans have complained about is that she is whinny, don’t contribute much, strings Elli along and doing obvious stupid things like “hostile aliens drill a hole, lets go there and look up”.

Some even goes as long as saying they want her dead.

But they forgot that the writers makes the characters play the story they write. I understand why Syfy renewed SGU for a second season so early. No one would have dared take the risks they did to build characters in a realistic way unless they knew they had the time to follow through. The only other way I see would be to start the series one year into the voyage and use flashbacks to what happened before. Chloe father is dead, they are all trapped in a wast unknown traveling toward an equally unknown destiny on a ship they have no control over and it is obviously failing. She is sad, scared and lonely. And Elyse Levesque does a good job at portraying that.

In my opinion the one thing the writers missed with Chloe was to make her so passive the whole season. I would like to see a little more female empowerment in general on SGU but especially with Chloe. She used to be the one pushing the IKAROS project for her father. I enjoy seeing her doing things, taking part, making things happen and going places.

Those alien mind reading machines she was connected to gave her some knowledge or power I also would like to see more of. One thing at least some of us did was enjoying seeing more of Chloe. She was the first one on Destiny to use the showers Elli found. And she made him keep watch outside while she did.

And Elli handed her a light when the power went down.

During the crews time down on that forest planet she wet herself in the lake. that must have been cold.

I really enjoyed that episode they seemed to have fun down there. Some even thought about staying, TJ was one of them and I though she and Chloe had a good report there. The whole crew had fun for the first time I think.

The characters on SGU are not uncomplicated whitehats or blackhats and Chloe is no exception. I was disturbed when she took the civilians’ side when Wray and Rush staged a coup, against Elli and her boyfriend Scott. She can be strong and determined. In a way I can understand it with Scott because he seems to be a player that so far hasn’t showed any deeper feelings for any of his lady friends. He does care about his kid though. I think many of us were fooled to expect the nerd (Elli) to get the girl and not the jock (Scott) because that’s almost a rule in this kind of show. I have to admitt Chloe and Scott look good together.

Beside her relationship with Matthew Scott and her friendship with Elli she also have time for yoga.

And relaxing with the crew.

I love SGU and I would like to see more team and less brooding and noir. Please let the Lucian intrusion fuse the original crew more together in season two and let them have some fun now and then, like here.

Elyse can play on a wide range.

And she is eager to find a place for herself among the crew.

In the Season finale Chloe was shot in the leg during her escape from the Lucian Alliance attack on the ship, but is stranded in a compartment with thin air and severe blood loss.

But fear not, the spoiler faeries tell me she is cast for a full season two.

In the hiatus between season one and two there has been some shameless promotion

Name: Chloe Armstrong

Portrayed by: Elyse Levesque
Series: Stargate Universe
Original Channel: Syfy
Status: Between seasons

Stargate Universe season 2

will premiere September 28

Key Episodes

Shamelessly copied by me from gateworld a wonderful site for everything Stargate.

Air, Part 1 – Chloe Armstrong accompanies her father to the Icarus Base to witness the activation of the ninth chevron, but is forced to evacuate with the rest of the personnel to an Ancient ship when the facility is attacked.
Air, Part 2 – Chloe’s father sacrifices himself so that she and the rest of the Icarus personnel may survive. For a time she holds Dr. Rush personally responsible.
Air, Part 3 – While a team is offworld hoping to solve Destiny’s life support problem, Chloe lends a hand helping TJ remove a bullet from Franklin’s arm. Her relationship with Matthew Scott deepens.
Light – Chloe and Scott make love on the eve of impending doom. When not selected in the shuttle lottery, she joins Eli on the observation deck to await their doom.
Earth – Using the communication stones again, Chloe returns home and takes Eli to a club with her friends, where she reacts poorly after learning her best friend is now dating her ex.
Space – When Destiny is attacked by aliens Chloe is taken captive, submerged in a tank of water and subjected to mental probing. She is rescued by Nicholas Rush.
Divided – Still reeling from her abduction, Chloe sides with Rush and Wray in a plan to seize control of Destiny from the military.
Lost – Chloe, Matt, Eli and Ron are trapped in an underground tunnel and left behind by the ship.
Pain – Infected with an alien tick, Chloe hallucinates her father — and, though she knows he isn’t really there, has a heart-to-heart conversation that gives her the chance to truly say goodbye.

Elyse Levesque

Elyse Levesque has been acting since an early age when she became part of the repertory company for the acclaimed children’s television series The Incredible Story Studio. In addition, she did commercial work and a number of small roles in television projects as well as a two-year stint playing the villainous Dr. Maxine Rich on the futuristic children’s series 2030 CE.

In 2003, Levesque moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, to focus full time on an acting career. She enrolled in acting classes and has since landed a number of parts in both film and television. She has taken on diverse roles ranging from Virginia (Cissy) Poe, the ailing wife of Edgar Alan Poe, in the Masters of Horror episode “The Black Cat,” to a flame wielding bog witch in Flash Gordon. Levesque has also made guest appearances in Smallville and Men in Trees, in addition to playing lead dramatic roles in television movies and independent films. She has also had the privilege of working with acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Carl Bessai in Normal, the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festival Winner for Best Western Canadian Feature Film.


Elyse Levesque Q&A – Part 1

Elyse Levesque Q&A – Part 2 : Stargate Universe Q&A

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