Chuck 3.14 – Chuck vs The Honeymooners

Chuck and Sarah spend a lot of time handcuffed to each other this episode and they do say ‘I do’ a lot to, and that’s not a spoiler. Chuck makes me happy, this weeks episode is also the first after the first season finale of this season. Chuck and Sarah finally got together in Paris last episode a few weeks ago. Now we meet them on a train doing the business for days, which is a little weird as they are only going to Zürick. They never leave the cabin the first days until the snarky attendant tell them that the train do have perfectly working diner cars. They decide to give up the spy game and run away together, to celebrate they go to the diner where they separately spot the same bask terrorist. They try to ignore it, but their better self get the upper hand, it’s all amusing the way they both try to back up what they think the other one wants to do.

Meanwhile back in the US, lady boss is getting impatient and tells Casey to go fetch and bring Morgan the Chuck expert with him. They have a cute scene with the CIA search engine, or was it Google? Morgan shows of his Chuck-fu and they are off to Europe. Morgan with a Backpacker bible in one hand and a self created Canadian cover story for himself. Going around being real polite to everyone, because thats what Canadians do.

Ellie and Awesome are going to Africa. Awsome tries to smuggle his weights into the luggage, again. Ellie tells everyone that it doesn’t matter that Chuck isn’t there for her going away party. Lester and Jeff invite themselves to the party and they do a pretty decent song while Ellie drinks herself into a stupor. Are they going to be gone for the rest of the season? Hope not, I love them both, Awesome because he is, well awesome, and Ellie because the way she have no clue what her brother is up to makes for so many entertaining situations and that she is kind of awesome to.

Sarah and Chuck decide to do a last mission before they quit, but it doesn’t exactly go as planned as they try to apprehend the terrorist. It’s lucky Morgan and Casey is there to save the day?

After all the trouble Chuck and Sarah have had earlier in the season it finally worked out for them, this must feel good for all the fans that rooted for them, and then some. Really splendid return on Chuck, emotional, funny, warm and a bit fuzzy.

Flash on!