Chuck 2.07 – Chuck vs The Mask (going on hiatus)

I feel so sorry for Casey, he never gets to blow anything up in this episode and he wants  to. Shaw gets himself trapped as he tries to steal the Mask of Alexander. Chuck and Hannah (she followed him there) helps him out and are then asked back on the follow up mission. Shaw teams himself up with Sarah for the action part of the mission.

Both Chuck and Sarah are persued by their respective partners. Hannah has to take the initiative for Chuck to realize that she wants him and they finally kiss.

The Ring is smuggling something in the mask and they have to switch it before the Ring agents gets to it.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Ellie team up and have cute little meetings contemplating Chuck and his secret ways. If I was Awesome and saw all this i would draw a different conclusion.

How long do you think it will take until things with Chuck and Hannah crash and burn? Or Sarah and Shaw (Saw that one coming from the first scene he was in, so predictable)? When is Casey gonna get some loving?

Good episode, I say watch it now. Chuck is still one of the most entertaining shows around.

Good that Chuck gets some loving, but what about Morgan? He had it bad for Hannah. We will have to wait almost a month to find out. Chuck goes on hiatus until after the Winter Olympiad, next episode is March 3.  The black hole sucks again, hiatus, hiatus there is dedicated sports channels you know!