Chuck 3.02

A courier is killed in the beginning of this episode. Sarah’s Redheaded spy friend Carina Miller is back. She calls Sarah on her feelings for Chuck. We learn the cardinal rule for spy’s – Don’t fall in love. A rule that Sarah has broken.

Meanwhile Morgan talk Chuck into a night on the town. They meet the girls. Carina present her new fiancee,  the man that killed the courier. He is an arms dealer, and Carina’s mark.

Damn, the girls dress up nice!

Their mission is to steal a secret weapon from Karl’s safe at Carina’s and Karl’s engagement party. Chuck decides to hash out his and Sarah’s relationship while on the mission. He tells her he loves here. And she kicks his ass. Karl are on Carina’s tail and she hides in the Buy More. She gives the weapon to Morgan in return for showing up at Morgans house warming party. Carina is captured by Karl and forced to go the party. Karl brings his henchmen.

Morgan tries to throw them out but only succeeds in drinking the drugged beer passing out himself. Chuck saves the day by being himself. 

There is something going on, something that they need to be prepared for. 

Highlights of this episode was:

  • Sarah and Carina’s half nude scene while they dress to kill.
  • Chucks acrobatics to avoid the laser alarms
  • Casey’s talk as Carina’s uncle – corny
  • Chuck and Sarah’s stick fight
  • Morgan and Carina’s sexy scene

Trivia: Carina speaks perfect Swedish to Sarah when she leaves. “Jag kommer sakna dig, kompis” = I will miss you, mate. Cool.

I have great hopes for this season and I can’t wait on tonight’s episode.