Chuck 3.05 Chuck vs First Class

Chuck’s first solo mission is supposed to be in Paris, a place Chuck dreamt of going  to. Casey and Sarah are opposed to sending  him out by himself but they are overruled by the new mysterious team leader Shaw.  According to Shaw Chuck needs to prove to himself that he can be a  spy.

Morgan is having leadership problems at Buy More. He is now the Man and his former friends ignore him not showing any respect.  A sinister Lester leads the opposition. They even glue him to a  chair. Later Chuck is instructed by his new boss in using his latest gadget, a KGB tranquilizer pen, on Jeff. By mistake Morgan is tranquilized instead to great amusement.

Chuck heads off to new mission while Casey and Sarah act as parents on their kids first day in school. A obviously awkward Chuck takes his seat next to Hannah, played by the beautiful and talented Kristin Kreuk (loved her in Smallville), in First class. They strike up an conversation with obvious chemistry while they misrepresents themselves.

Meanwhile Morgan wakes up in a Claw Game and bangs the glass until Casey lets him out. Amazingly and a bit cute, Morgan and  Casey team up to straighten out the Buy More situation.

While playing ‘guess what that person does for a living’ with Hannah, Chuck flashes on a  Ring agent on the plane…

The real mission is on the plane, Shaw had planed it from the beginning. I wonder how Shaw know so much about the Ring? He might have been married to a Ring operative is my guess. What’s yours?

An amusing series of events happens on the plane as Chuck tries to get a key from  the agent. El Chuck doing a Zorro impersonation is one of the highlights.

Another highlight is Casey kidnapping and brainwashing Lester. At the end of the episode Lester says, “Morgan Grimes is the kindest, warmest, most understanding human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

I should mention that Hannah will be coming back next episode as a Buy More employee. Sarah will have some competition over Chuck. I hope they wont do the Sarah-Shaw relationship bit to  complicate it, but I guess that is already a done deal.

Five episodes into season three Chuck feels solid it is just those damn ratings that could be a bit higher.