Chuck 3.06 – Chuck vs Nacho Sampler

Remember Sarah walking into the Buy More and up to  Chuck in the first episode and it was love at first sight? That’s how Morgan feels when Hannah walks in.

Official description. Chuck must turn an enemy agent into a spy for the CIA – Chuck  juggles his two lives as he trains new Nerd Herder Hannah (guest star Kristin Kreuk) and gets his very own asset who is caught up with The Ring. Chuck thinks he can handle his asset all on his own but Sarah and Casey feel the need to intercede. Meanwhile, Awesome must lie to Ellie when she starts to ask questions about Chuck and Morgan , Jeff and Lester do some recon work to learn more about Hannah.

I enjoyed this episode, there is build up for further action later and there is quite a few amusing and funny moments and some emotional scenes there as well.

Chuck is a grown up agent now, which he sets out to prove. To Casey’s grumpy approval and Sarah’s growing displeasure. She is deeply disturbed that the sweet Chuck she came to love can be so callous, but she tries not to show it. She also realize, the similarities between herself and Chuck as he tries to develop an asset (spy-talk for befriend). I am afraid Chuck might too. Sarah and Chuck’s relationship had already hit a snafu but I am afraid there is worse to come if Chuck goes on as here. We can see that he doesn’t feel good about doing what he does, but can Sarah?

I am sorry we didn’t see more of Hannah in this episode. Morgan’s roundabout way of approaching her was funny and her trying to fend off Lester and Jeff was amusing.

Awesome is suffering from fright since his own spy mission and make Ellie suspicious which will turn interesting  for this season, Ellie doesn’t strike me as the type who would stop until she knows. Ellie also makes a surprising ally in the search for the truth.

Funnies moment was when Chuck was trying to get the laser out of Casey’s pocket. Sarah looked seriously disturbed by it.

Chuck is having a strong season. I recommend you watch it now.