Chuck 3.09 – Chuck vs the Beard a Recap Review with Photos

We are back to full Chuck-ness, I was not overly happy for Chuck in last episode 3.08 Chuck vs the Fake Name [review/recap] he heard Sarah tell her true name to Agent Shaw and he broke up with Hannah because he realizes he still have feelings for Sarah. The episode left him all alone and unhappy. More than his feelings are affected, he’s ability to flash is clearly affected too since he hasn’t flashed in a week.

So in the start of this episode he is grounded and have to sit out when the others go out on a mission with agent Shaw filling in as Sarah’s husband as they stake out a hotel for the ring operative there. Your heart really goes out to Chuck there, he knows what the problem  is but he has no one to talk with it about and that’s what this episode is about.

But it is also about Buy More, where corporate goons descend for an aledged sale of the store. The staff get interviewed one by one and the tension rises as building inspectors go over the building with a comb. Eventually they stage a very photogenic protest as you can see above. Lester takes to the stage and does a ‘labor’ song and they even reenact the marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima. Lots of good moments there. Levi (Chuck) is directing this episode himself and it is much more playful than earlier this season and I like it.

Awesome is taking Ellie to a retreat to get away from everything and they are really enjoying themselves sunbathing and slurping drinks. It just happens to be the hotel where the Ring agent was hiding out. Sarah and Daniel discover that Awesome is the target and take him to the side at the same time Casey discover that the whole thing had been a ruse to get them away from their home base.

Meanwhile Morgan confront Chuck in his minuscule office  about the secrets that hangs between them. It ends with Morgan ending their Bromance devastating Chuck further.

The corporate suits interview all the staff. Lester’s interview was fun as was Big Mike’s. Soon enough we understand that they are Ring agents sent there to find Agent Charmichael and the secret base under the Buy More.

Morgan are hiding in the locker room when the Ring agents finds the door to the lair. You can see the WOW in he’s eyes when he sees the door slide up. The ring agents enter and Morgan follows. This is one of the best scenes ever in Chuck! Morgan is so rattled. He sneaks back out and tries to convince Chuck that they have to man up and resist, while Chuck tries to get him to play it safe, its such a role reversal. Before they can do anything they are captured and brought down to the dojo.

The ring operative tries to force Chuck to tell him where all the Ring data are by torturing Morgan. Chuck has to admit that he is indeed a secret agent working for the United States government under the code name Carmichael. But they are interrupted by the arrival of Shaw, Sarah and Casey leaving Chuck and Morgan all alone in the Dojo. Chuck tells Morgan everything and you can see how all the worries and guilt he has been feeling for having to lie to Morgan for so long just fall off his shoulders. Morgan’s reaction is priceless.

They also talk about Sarah and in case we didn’t know it before, Chuck really loves her. Even Jeff said so last episode.

Free of all worries Chuck is free to flash again so he saves the day with some Kung Fu awesomeness when the bad guys comes back.

The real agents reaction when they learn that Morgan knows the truth is also priceless, they want to send Morgan on a witness protection program but Chuck refuses and get backup from Sarah, she stands by her team. I wonder with delight how Morgan knowing are going to play out.

This episode feels like the Chuck I love, joyful geeky fun, I am happy you are back Chuck!

Only real worry I have after this episode is if Awesome and Ellie will be gone on an extended trip? Are they out due to budget concerns? I enjoy them every time they are on, Ellie is getting way to little time in each episode.

Tonights episode will have something to do with the voice coming from the Ring communicator that Casey answered in the last minutes of this episode.