Chuck 3.10 – Chuck vs the Tic Tac a Recap Review

I had high expectations even before this episode since Chuck told Morgan his secret last episode. I was prepared to be amused and I was though this episode was more action and drama than comedy.

Wait, Honduras in 1989, is Casey that old? The scene shows how a young Lt. Alexander Coburn (Casey’s real name) is recruited into a black ops team by Colonel James Keller with a Tic Tac.

Now he is in Casey’s home to ask him to pick something up on his next mission. What he doesn’t know is that Morgan is outside with night goggles and a directional microphone. Next day they go on a mission to test the security at a high security vault. Chuck does his usual awesomeness and they reach level 15 where the security vault is.

Casey rakes out a container of some kind, Chuck sees him do it when he closes the lid to the box. When confronted Casey pulls the gun on Chuck ordering him to keep quiet about it. At the debriefing we learn that the vault has been broken into and a new experimental drug that makes soldiers not feeling any emotions have been stolen. Chuck believes it is a test so he points out that Casey stole the pill. But it was not and Casey is arrested.

Chuck and Sarah decides to help Casey by breaking him out of the holding facility at the vault. Thats a bit amusing how they trick the supervisor to help them. But just as they are about to commit treason, Colonel Keller blows down the wall to Casey’s cell and he escapes with the ring agents. At this stage I was firmly convinced that this was a ploy for Casey to go undercover with the Ring that his team hadn’t been informed of.

But I was wrong, Casey was being blackmailed by Keller. He faked his death to join the government’s black ops team back in 1989 leaving behind a fiance he still has feelings for. Chuck and Sarah finds out and decide to help him. Sarah infiltrate Casey’s meeting with Keller hanging under his car and has a photogenic fighting scene taking down the goons outside while Casey deals with the Colonel inside. Casey returns the Tic Tac to the Colonel. Quite nice fighting scene there too, all of the cast had nice action scenes this episode. Casey ends the Colonel while Sarah looks on in horror?

Chuck sets out to protect Casey’s fiance. Outnumbered he takes the pill to suppress his emotions so he can flash but in doing so he almost kills one of them before Sarah can stop him.

Then the real bomb hit us, Casey not only has a fiance we knew nothing about, but he also has a daughter not even he knew about. Wow!

As a result of this Casey is dismissed from service and has to start a life as a civilian. He and Chuck has a talk where Chuck tries to convince him that he now has a chance to a life with his daughter and his former fiance. Casey talks about the decision he made back in 1989 was right for him so it would be to late for him to go back. He tells Chuck that he now has to make his decision.

As if that was not enough Sarah is offered a new job in Washington.

There is another plot line of of this episode about Ellie and Awesome, whether they should sign on as Doctors without Borders or if they should stay as Ellie is offered a scholarship she has been dreaming about. They succeed in putting both Chuck and Morgan between them before they can decide. There is some good scenes there.

Devon and Ellie are going to stay!

Are Casey really going for civilian life?

What is going to happen with Casey’s daughter? Do the Ring still know about them or did that die with the Colonel?

Are Sarah going to take the job in Washington, DC?

Tonights episode is about Chuck’s final test to see if he is ready to become a spy.