Chuck 3.11 – Chuck vs the Final Exam Review

This was an important episode for our friend Chuck. It’s time for his final exam, If he makes it he will be a certified government spy. He has to first identify a mole. Trouble is agent Shaw is not playing fair, he also makes it Chucks first red test after the mole has been identified. That’s spy speak for an assassination test. Chuck have to kill a man, and it is Sarah who have to convince him to do it. How far is Chuck willing to go to become a spy?

There are a bit of eye candy for the ladies in this episode and and it is Chuck running around in a towel. He looks quite athletic.

Zachary Levi returns a bit to the original Chuck in this episode, the vulnerability is back. Yvonne Strahovski on her side continue to shine as Sarah, she is is hurt but she also are more than a bit ashamed of what she believe she has turned Chuck into. Especially after she give him his red mission, and see Chuck kill a man. It’s really Casey helping him out after the mole draws a gun but Sarah doesn’t know that.

Chuck tries to have a heart to heart with Sarah again and again in this episode. He also set up their stake out as a date. It’s really cute until they are interrupted.

Lester and Jeff fooling around in the store when Casey looses it and smash their heads together and they threaten to sue. Chuck tells Casey Without a licence to kill you are a menace to society. Big Mike takes Casey under his wings and teaches him the ropes in civilian life. I love that we get a bit more Buy More this episode.

Lester playing hardball with Casey to humiliate him is so much fun. I love Casey, he’s a real comedian.

Chuck has a talk with Casey where Casey explains why he helped Chuck. You wouldn’t do it, you are not a killer, he tells Chuck. Sarah is blaming herself for what she made Chuck do. But she also says she dont love him any more. Can it have something to do what she thinks he did?

Thing is now that Chuck is a real spy on his way to Italy and Sarah on her way to Washington.

Excellent episode Chuck is better than ever, I can’t wait on whats going to happen later tonight when Chuck will try to win Sarah back.