Chuck 4.02 – Chuck vs the Suitcase [TV Review]

Chuck is one of the best shows on TV at the moment. I know there is lots of new shiny shows with complicated characters with angst up to their tonsils but this is some uncomplicated fun.

This week Chuck and Sarah go to fashion week in Milan and I have been promised a catfight between two of the most beautiful babes on TV, so shush. I like the way they always makes the girls reveal themselves in this story. I guess Awesome is the token balance guy.

The long legged model that kills a man right between the eyes is an arms dealer and they are sent there to intercept the smart bullets she stole in France.

“Women have a lot of baggage; you should be happy Walker only have a suitcase” is Casey’s chipper advice to Chuck about Sarah never unpacking.

Sarah’s unpacking is a theme of this episode, Chuck mentions it as they are about to be blown up. It is maybe not the best of last words so he ends up in the doghouse and with a naked model. But their plan to smuggle out the dress brings Chuck a big smile.

Back home Jeffster is back! Morgan discovers a critical flaw with the Buy More cover. Casey and Morgan bring Jeffster in, hilarious. Ops, Morgan let it slip to Casey he is talking to Alex…

And after that save Morgan become the new Store Manager! Wow!

This is how Sarah looks after Chuck says “Marriage, Baby, and children. Maybe we are next.” Sleep on that!

This was another good episode and we are still laying the foundation for the season so I hope for some more action next week when some old friends returns and it looks like my wish is their command if I watch the video.

Looking at the pictures this post is quite naughty, I need to better myself and get a wider selection.

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