Chuck 4.03 Chuck vs the Cubic Z

It is time for this week’s Chuck and Sarah treat. A prison transport has unexpected engine trouble and are diverted to a secure location – the Buy More. Meanwhile Morgan the Manager prepares for game of the year. He is beyond Robert Di Nero, he is Russell Crow serious! And nobody listen to him.

Big Mike returns from soul searching and asks Morgan’s permission to marry Morgan’s mom. He even gives Morgan the ring while he thinks it over.

Chuck prepares for a mission to Monaco, the mission of a lifetime while Sarah freaks out about kids. She kicks the shit out of Casey while interrogating him about his daughter. Then the mission is canned because of the incoming prisoners.

The prisoners are old friends; well maybe old enemies are more correct. Hugo Panzer and Heather Chandler are thrilled to see Chuck and Sarah again. Chuck flashes on Heather and his mother so Sarah and he try a bad cop – silent cop routine on Heather but she keeps unbalancing Sarah.

Meanwhile Hugo Panzer breaks out, goes on a rampage and decks Gretchen and Casey. He is out to kill Heater. Chuck, Sarah and Heather escapes up the ventilation shafts where a merry go round chase commence. It ends with a firefight on the roof.

Heather turns around and tells Chuck about Frost, his mother’s code name.

Morgan faces a riot from angry customers but is saved by Big Mike who forgives him for losing the engagement ring in the chaos.

The ring bounces down the ventilation shaft, down to the Castle where Chuck and Sarah finally have a heart to heart talk about Sarah’s fears for kids and they both agree to take it slow when the ring lands and Chuck picks it up, holds it out, and that is such a cliffhanging ring moment to end with.

It was a wonderful fun episode with just the right mixture of banter, action, and a little drama.

Next week is travel time for Chuck, Sarah, Ellie and Awesome when they go visit a banana republic and its thankful leader and his new to us wife. There was something in the fine print about a coup too.

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