Chuck 4.08 – Chuck vs the Fear of Death [TV Review]

It is hard not to get a bit excited about this week’s Chuck. His mommy trashed his Intersect and now he has to find a way to get it working again. The agency calls in a gang of boffins that try to ‘lift the rock that blocks him from using the Intersect’.  The Ninjas was a nice touch.

I didn’t enjoy that part as much as I enjoyed Jefster getting creepy with the latest Greta (Summer Glau). OMG she is hot! She played a CIA assassin assigned to the Buy More and Jefster is outclassed on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin. Morgan is caught in the middle. Entertaining, Summer Glau played a different kind of creepy, of the more deadly kind. Operation Get-A-Greta involves the whole civilian staff and ends in an interrupted cage-match between Greta and Jefster where Case saves the day.

Case is grounded protecting Chuck while Sarah chases Mommy all over the world. “I wake up with my trigger finger twitching” he tells. It is like most of the stuff he does highly entertaining.

Sarah and Chuck got some downtime before he goes after the latest cure, “The Fear of Death”. He and the latest boffin go off to Switzerland and danger.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger.

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