Chuck 4.11 – Chuck vs the Balcony [TV Review]

Chuck returns with a sweet, heartwarming and fun episode about a man and his ring or if you want to a serious case of proposal interuptus. Everything is planed, the Champaign, the musicians, the balloons and Chuck is about to pop the question when Sarah tells him about her parents failed proposal in a similar restaurant with balloons and accidental fires. Needless to say, Chuck aborts the mission with some sweet situational comedy as result.

The episode continues in similar ways even if it includes a French Chateau, a microchip hidden in a bottle of wine, and the usual fun and games. The team is back on track.

Some moments were really hilarious like when Casey has to play Chuck’s manservant. Lester is also having marriage problems of the arranged kind and she is on her way to the Buy More. You can guess how that goes.

Another highpoint is when Sarah ambushes Morgan, I never seen her so hot. I am taking control of this mission now, Morgan you are working for me now. First Morgan and then Casey get involved in the proposal. Morgan is surprised when Casey tells him he knows what is going on. Cause I am a spy not a moron.

Casey is the Man! I am so impressed and his advice to Chuck is so Right.

But as often in Chuck it is close, so close but Sarah has her mission now…

Wow and Bravo! This show really makes me happy. I am happy you guys and gals are back!

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