Chuck season 3 premiere

Chuck gave up Sarah for being a real spy. Now six months later it didn’t work out and he is back in LA eating cheese balls. After a while he looks like Morgan’s twin,beard and all. He goes back to Buy More to buy more cheese balls. They are under new management.

Sarah refuses to talk to him. Chuck sets out to redeem himself in Sarah’s eyes. Dressed up as Buy More support tech he goes to help Casey and Walker. He flashes on the Xavier, the courier they are meeting, he is an international  assassin.

Xavier is the guitar player Chuck knocks over to get into the place after Casey and Sarah throws him out.

Meanwhile Sarah and Casey is dismantling their base of  operation. Sarah is obviously not over him, and he isn’t over her. While saying good bye they are captured by Xavier.

What I can’t understand is how he ever could turn Sarah down, i’m not sure I buy that.

Sarah and Chuck are taken to Mexico and they escape to give Casey something to shoot at.

Team Bartowski is on again!

Casey and Chuck Sparring to “Eye of the Tiger” was a nice touch at the end.