Chuck Season Finale

There is a sadness with season finales, you say goodbye to friends that have entertained you with their company for a season and now they must go. Some friends go and newer come back, but the best friends keep returning with that special chemistry, that connection that makes them special, Chuck is special.

It is really amazing that one show have been able to collect so many attractive and likeable characters as Chuck. This season finale draw my attention to how much that means for a show to become great. Through the whole finale, the whole season and the whole series there is this family feeling that binds it all together. There is a family of Chuck, Ellie and Stephen but there is also the big extended family with Sarah, Awesome, Morgan and Casey. Their other family is the Buy More, not as close but still with an emotional bound, a cohesion that many, too many shows fail to achieve. For me that is very attractive.

What’s also great with Chuck is that it allows the characters to grow, to change and take on different roles. I for one think it was great that Ellie finally learned the truth about her brother. She must have been surprised and more than a little chocked when she saw Chuck down that CIA agent and Awesome by mistake revealed that Chuck was a spy. That paved the way for the great emotional scene when they sat down together and talked about it and she got Chuck to promise to get out  after he dealt with Shaw and the Ring.

Morgan is a growing character, now that he has been in the loop for a few episodes, he thinks he is on top of it all. His partnership with Casey works great. Casey used to scare the shit out of him but now… it’s not really like they are friends, but they are family and they both care for Sarah and Chuck. Morgan and Awesome is another great entertaining surprise this season. Their relationship have also changed and when they go after the prison transport to liberate Sarah, Chuck and Casey in Casey’s car it is one of many really good scenes in this season finale.

Casey have become one of my favorite characters on TV, Adam Baldwin is a comic genius. His grunts, eyebrows and facial expressions have been a delight the whole season. Now when he has his daughter Alexis back in his life he added another dimension to his character. Him telling Alex I am your father (Star Wars anyone?) was a fantastic scene. She can fight too and the look on Casey’s face when he found out was priceless.  Added potential for fun was when he found out Morgan carried Alexis number, that is going to be so fun next season.

It was a strong scene when Shaw shot Stephen to make Chuck emotional so he couldn’t fight back. The regeneration technique the Ring was developing at that base makes me wonder if he really is dead for real. But both Ellie and Chuck believes he is. One of the basic motivations for all the shenanigans that goes on in this show is to protect the ones you love. That’s what makes Ellie lie about her CIA contact. That is why Stephen disappeared from their life. That’s why Chuck never told Ellie about being a Spy. And I am sure that’s the reason they are going to lie next season too.

Chuck and Sarah works well as a pair now, lets not split them up again will you. Chuck discovering his father’s real job and Orion’s secret lair is great. Wonder if he will keep it a secret from Sarah too? That would be a great setup for all kinds of Mr and Mrs Smith action next season.

The season finale was great, the Ring leaders and Shaw arrested, Casey reunited with his daughter, Chuck and Sarah are out of the spy business (yeah, right), the Buy More destroyed and Jeffster on the run as primary suspects for that bombing. I hope we will see Big Mike, Lester and Jeff again even if Buy More might not return, wonder what kind of new cover the team will get then?

The search for Chuck’s mother will be a major plot for season four, I am sure. I wonder who she works for?

Have a nice Summer Chuck! We meet again in autumn.