Chuck vs the Fake Name 3.08 a Review/Recap

I am happy Chuck is back from hiatus and it is usually such a pleasure and joy to watch a a Chuck episode. This one was an exception I feel no joy in the turns Chuck life is taking and it was painful to see. I really love this series and root for the characters in their ‘life’ on the series and when it takes a turn for worse it pains me too. But I am really looking forward to the next episode tonight.

Ellie is still worried about Chuck and Awesome are keeping secrets from her. So she decides to confront Chuck, after a long monolog outside his shower she ends up meeting Hannah and having a slightly awkward talk which Chuck saves by promising to cook dinner for the four of the four of them.

Ellie & Morgan found out of Hannah last episode where Chuck and Hanna hooked up. I really enjoy Ellie being nosy and Awesome’s inability to be the bad guy and lie to his girlfriend. That’s the way Chuck used to be.

To put things a little bit into perspective Chuck and Sarah was planing to run away together after season two. Chuck choose to pursue a career as a spy instead of a life with her, that must have hurt and damaged her trust in him. At least if she is in any way human. I have to admit I was a bit surprised by that turn of events. It doesn’t seem to track with Chuck as we know him. I thought he and Sarah had true love for each other. Maybe the new Intersect have a personality changing effect? Maybe they will have to find a way of getting it out of Chuck before he turn totally callous and cold? I don’t know, that is just idle speculation at this time, back to this episode.

The Buy More staff is getting suspicious of Chuck. Maybe he has a deal with the devil? At least there is some kind of mind altering drugs involved. It’s amusing the way Lester and Jeff speculate of Chucks way with the ladies now when he and Hannah make out during the meeting. They even involve Big Mike.

Morgan is away on a leadership seminar this episode, I can already see the consequences that is going to have when he gets back.

When planing their day Chuck has to lie to Hannah right away.

Sarah tries to keep her relationship with agent Shaw strictly professional when they pretend to have a date eating ice-cream while intercepting an assassin. The assassin’s name is Rafe Gruber and Chuck has to go undercover as him to find out the real target. There is some good moments there with the interrogation and Chuck acquiring Rafe’s manner just by listening to him, I think that was a new Intersect ability?

Sarah is starting to get really uncomfortable with the changes in Chuck, his ability to lie and to handle the asset in the other episode. Some speculate in that Chuck tries to become the man Sarah wants him to be, but I am not that sure. Why would he leave her at that train station to go back to being a spy?

I definitely think he is in the doghouse when it comes to Sarah. She is hurt and she thinks he has moved on with Hannah. Chuck arriving in the morning with spring in his step after a night with Hannah doesn’t make it any better. We can all see Sarah’s pain.

Casey is a rock. You can always count on him being his usual self. He and Chuck goes undercover and meet up with two obvious gangsters at a club. When one of  them recogise Casey as Alex Coburn, some kind of government hit man. Chuck has to dig deep into his role to stall for time. And he digs deep.

Both me and Chuck thought Casey would kill him afterwards. But he didn’t instead he had the first really friendly talk with Chuck in the whole series like he really like Chuck as a friend. That was really frighting. Sarah is even more unsettled with Chuck’s ability to save the day by ‘torturing’ Casey.

Even then it is quite sweet when shaw and Sarah make the dinner for Chuck while he is busy at spying. And Ellie, Awesome and Hannah like the food much better than the one he usually do, and they continue to tell him so. That’s amusing.

Sarah look up Shaw in his hotel room to have a talk with him about being professional. He meets up in a towel. I guess we get a little eye candy for the ladies to even up the eye candy we are used to. When I think about it awesome was also ‘top less’ when he talked to Ellie. Hmm, unfair. We only saw Hannah in a towel and she wasn’t even top less.

She is clearly affected by his looks and asks him to put some cloths on. They talk about secrets and that Sarah doesn’t like secrets. She finally tells him that she don’t want to have any secrets and that her real name is Sam.

Meanwhile Chuck learns the real target he is supposed to kill is Daniel Shaw. He gets a sniper rifle and headphones so he listen in on Sarah and Shaw’s conversation and he loses it totally, realizing that he loves Sarah telling the gangsters that it’s his girl  down there.

Even the gangsters tells him to do something about it, if he loves her, he should.

He refuses to shoot and makes an excuse that he wants to kill Daniel with his bare hands, which seems to convince them.

They cheer him on and he heads over to Daniel and Sarah. He confronts Daniel and ‘pretend’ to fight him over Sarah. The fight seems pretty real. Shaw doesn’t stop until the real assassin shows up and take Sarah hostage. A shot is heard and Sarah falls dead to the floor.

That’s the moment Chuck realizes how much he loves her. Both he and Daniel cries out when she open her eyes and sit up. Casey saved the day with an unparalleled shot that killed Rafe.

Later that night Chuck have a long talk with Ellie that convince him that lying to your partner is not fair.

So he does the Good Guy thing. He breaks up with Hannah. Because he still have feelings for Sarah but not only because of that. Also because he doesn’t want to betray her with lies every day. Of course ha can’t tell her the truth so instead he comes across as a douche bag breaking up with her the night after they first slept togheter.

He walks home all alone. We all feels his pain there.

The episode ends with Sarah kissing Daniel in the Den, she is moving on?

Chuck has his work cut out for him, if he wants to redeem himself in Sarah’s eyes, he has a long way to go especially when she is getting more involved with agent shaw.

If I was to speculate I would guess that Chuck will make a mess out of this a few episodes. That Shaw hides even more secrets than he has told Sarah and that that is going to affect their relationship. What if his former girlfriend wasn’t killed by the ring? What if she was his wife and she joined the ring? He might still be married to her?

When I look back to what I have written I realize this was indeed a good episode even if it was emotional.