Chuck vs the Role Model

Chuck is really heating up with them being a couple and Morgan joining the team. This week they brought a new intro, a 60s kind of homage to old school spy series with chuck driving in a red sports car, and Sarah driving in her black car, them looking at each other and then Morgan driving up in a scooter behind them. And then Morgan wakes up. Neat.

I almost forgot that Morgan is living with Chuck now, at least he doesn’t sleep in the nude any more, but I can understand Sarah’s reluctance to move in.

The spy business is back on track, Chuck and Sarah are assigned to a mission lead by a legendary CIA power team, Craig and Laura Turner, a married couple. At first Sarah and Chuck are happy they found their role models but they show themselves to be nothing of the sort. Remarried three times they are bitter and fight all the time, but charming in a way. Their mission is to steal a chip at a party, but they ‘botch’ it by starting a family shooting match drawing all the attention. Chuck and Sarah pick up the ball and decide to show them how it is done, not knowing the chip is guarded by a Bengali Tiger. That’s was quite amusing, Chuck not wanting to shoot it, because tigers are an endangered species.

Meanwhile Casey got his orders to train Morgan or they both would have to go back to boot camp. Casey is great, no one can do angry like he can. He and Morgan has an interesting report, and Morgans assignments are timely cut in between Sarah and Chuck’s. I thought they did it particularly well when they synced Morgan sneaking on Big Mike trying to steal the security card he had around his neck switching back an forth to Chuck sneaking up on the sleeping tiger to get the necklace with the chip. You know that Chuck is allergic to cats? now you do. His sneeze wakes the cat and they have to run for it. Why didn’t you shoot it? It almost ate me, he asks Sarah. Its an endangered species she answers calmly.

Mission accomplished they leave the party only to be relived of the chip at gunpoint by the Turners.

After being double crossed by the Turners, Chuck and Sarah wants revenge, so they track down them at their hotel and bag and tag them, bringing them home to Chuck? But instead of the US Marshals, the thug they stole the chip from is outside the door, with his tiger. There are some tense moments there before Morgan and Casey arrive. Confronted by the tiger Morgan does the brave thing and bait it into Ellie’s apartment and locks it inside. It totally wreck the place which is going to be interesting next week when Ellie will return home to much surprise.

I was afraid they wrote Mr and Mrs Awesome out of the rest of the season, but I am happy to discover they didn’t. We get to see them arrive in Africa in pouring rain, run into the wildlife and treat some patients before Awesome suddenly falls ill and they have to ship him back to the states for treatment. I thought that was nice by the writers to get them back that soon, but they are more wicked than that. To my surprise the camp boss picks out a Ring communication device and report ‘They don’t suspect anything’. He caused the sickness somehow, returning Ellie and Awesome, next week.

Could this be the start of the season arc? We will see next week. I can’t wait.