Chuck vs the Tooth

No one is pregnant, at least as far as we know (that was my lame guess why Anna was back). This week in Chuck I imagined all kinds of joy when Ellie and Awesome return unannounced. But the clever cleaning gnomes fixed their trashed apartment. Instead of flashing Chuck has these weird dreams every time he falls asleep, they eventually leads him to a psychiatrist and a fast forward to the CIA loony bin.

We all know Sarah has difficulties expressing her feelings, telling Chuck she loves him for example. It becomes clear how much it bother Chuck when he lays it out to Doctor Leo Dreyfus (guest star Christopher Lloyd) “we have a solid relationship” he starts with before it floods out of him in a true Chuck rant.

Morgan dressed in a tuxedo, walks like a god when he crosses the store on his way out to meet Chuck. Anna who is there to ‘catch up’ with him is flabbergasted, Morgan brushes her off because he is on a mission tho help Chuck prove a murder plot on an African president, this is just before Chuck is enrolled as an unwilling mental patient.

If you remember the back story Morgan was devastated when Anna broke it off with him. Now he is natural, as natural as Morgan can be, focusing on his ‘Bro’ and how to help him, this happens one more time, Morgan brushes Anna off again and in the end Anna realizes she wants him because she can’t have him and in one of the final scenes of this episode she tries to take him back, but Morgan realizes he doesn’t want her any more and decline. I felt it was a pity, because I like Anna, her character is interesting and bitchy, but it felt right for Morgan, well handled by the writers and the actors. Will we have a pining Anna in the Buy More now? Or is she going back to Hawaii?

Maybe we should talk about the main plot of this weeks episode? Chuck dreams, he foretell an assassination attempt by the Ring on a visiting African president at the concert the following night . He shouldn’t have woken everyone in the middle of the night to do it, Casey needs his beauty sleep. Instead of believing him a sleepy Beckett sends him to a CIA psychiatrist. Chuck and Morgan goes to the concert hall to prove he is right, dressed in the aforementioned tuxes. He falls asleep after an amusing little chat with Morgan about relationships accompanied by shushes from their fellow spectators. He dreams again the scientist beside the president is the killer, Chuck confronts him, flashes on the tooth as a fake containing Ring data and punches him so the tooth flies away. Sarah and Casey arrive in time to see him taken away by guards.

That’s when he ends up in the CIA mental hospital where spies end up when they can’t take it any more. It is quite a treat with all the quirky characters there. When The scientist shows up with two goons to find out how Chuck got the Intel, a patient who thinks himself Merlin tries to save the situation and yells “Spy Attack!”, and all the patients go totally Kung Fu and you believe its in the bag, the bad guys speed dart them with their trank guns.

Sarah and Casey believe in Chuck but analysis of the tooth proves it is 100 percent human and doesn’t contain any Ring info (that is because chuck picked the wrong tooth by the way). They all end up at the Doctor’s house in the middle of the night, when Sarah arrives Casey is already there. That was a good and emotional scene where Sarah for the first time says she loves Chuck. “Maybe you should tell him that” the doctor tells her before they leave for the hospital and saves the day.

The big arc of the rest of the season hits somewhat unexpected. Ellie works for the Ring! Justine (the ring operative/camp leader from Africa) cons Ellie into believing he is a CIA agent sent there to protect her father. He tells her that Casey is a bad man sent after her father. After she accidentally discovers Casey’s arsenal she have no trouble believing it. And after Awesome tells her it is crazy that she would believe something like that about Casey she also believe Justin telling her not to talk with anyone else about it, they would only tell her she is crazy. In the end Justine convince her to contact her dad.

In the end Sarah tells Chuck she loves him, just as he is about to tell her that he might have long term problems due to mental stress from the Intersect, so he doesn’t tell her. If we are to believe Chuck’d dreams Shaw is still alive. But Chuck doesn’t tell Sarah when he wakes up. When will they ever learn? It is amusing most of the time, the young two’s inability to communicate.

Did you notice the weird ‘hypnotic’ screens on every TV in Buy More? What’s with that? They had some obvious Rorschach pattern going on.

An even better episode this week, rumors says Chuck is renewed with an order for 13+9. It could be official any time now.

Next episode is 3.17 Chuck vs the Living Dead

After his last dream, Chuck asks Morgan to help him on a side mission. Their investigation becomes complicated when Stephen J. Bartowski returns and learns that Chuck downloaded the Intersect 2.0. Luckily, Chuck’s father may be able to help his son.