Conquerors’ Heritage by Timothy Zahn (Conquerors 2)

This book has more alien point of view. Thrr-gilag struggle with the disgrace he receives after Pheylans escape. The Zhirrzh Overclan structure suffer from a power struggle between the current ruling clan and the speakers clan.

The Zhirrzh has learned about the human superweapon and that the components are stored on different human worlds. So they launch an offensive to capture as many worlds as they can in the hope to seize a component before the humans can assemble their super weapon.

In the previous book the humans seemed more or less powerless against the Zhirrzh space ships. Here at least they have a chance, especially with the brain integrated fighters (Nifty tech). Realistic side story about the dangers of addiction.

Both sides accuse the other for starting the war. The truth slowly emerge.