Conquerors’ Legacy by Timothy Zahn (Conquerors 3)

The conclusion of the Conquerors’ Saga. Lord Cavanagh has learned the secret behind CIRCE the humans deterency super weapon. So now he is hunted by all sides. The opportunistic and treacherous Mrach play the Zhirrh against the humans and also lure them into launching attacks on Earth and the Mrach’s ancient enemy the Yycroman.

The battle over the Yycroman’s home planet is described in great detail including the Peacekeepers wolfpak insertion.

At the start of this book only a few individual know for sure why the war started. It is a race against time for the truth and voice of reason to get out before the war blossom.

Rumors says that Timothy planed to have this book told from the point of view of Max the AI but had to abandon that due to page limits set by the publisher. I would have loved to read that, love Max as he is written now.

This book was published in 1996. Is it just me or have  publishing changed since then? I just breezed trough 6 books in slightly more than two days. Todays books seems to be longer.