Consorts of Heaven by Jaine Fenn (Sidhe 2)

The second Sidhebook is even more awesome and intriging than the first.

Kerin is searching for her son when she finds a feverish unconscious and naked man. The man don’t remember who he is so she name him Sias, stranger.

Kerin’s clan live a primitive life and she is an outsider in it. Partly due to her heritage, her mother was an outcast, and partly to herself for being a female healer. Sias is the first man she ever met who treat her as an equal. She starts to dream about a future with him.

Damaru is her sky-struck son. She is about to loose him to an ancient tradition. He must travel to Dinas Emrys to be tested, and if he succeeds he will live but lost to her, otherwise he will be killed.

Her world view will crumble before it is all over.