Cover art & Blurb Kris Longknife: Daring

Last week Mike Shepherd wrote : Today I got the cover material for KL-Daring. I haven’t seen the copy-edits, but the cover copy is already written. I offered some suggestions.
Here’s the story blurb:

Lieutenant Commander Kris Longknife leads a Fleet of Discovery on a reconnaissance of the vast uncharted regions of space. No one, least of all Kris, expected them to find an alien starship, certainly not one that came out shooting. Faced with a shot first and ask no question situation, Kris shoots back, blowing the ship to bits.

Half a universe away from her superiors, facing a possible mutiny from officers insisting they retreat, Kris holds the fate of humanity in her hands as she struggles to determine the alien threat — and whether or not to start an intersteller war . . .

And today I found this beauty. Like last year about this time the preliminary cover art is out on grimstudios. Like last year there might be some changes before the final copy. I like this one Kris looks especially alive and in an exploratory mode. I miss Nelly on the pictures though or is she supposed to be those colorful tattoos on Kris right hand?

Daring (Kris Longknife book 9) will be out late this year.

The Kris Longknife series is about a formidable woman with a knack for getting in trouble and getting out. She is one of them Longknifes and if life wasn’t enough complicated being an officer in the navy; the society of humanity dissolve and her grandpa is named King making her a reluctant princess. The Peterwald family with their long standing grudge with the Longknife set up their own little pocket empire and starts to make life for Kris and her family difficult. Lots of humor, fantastic characters by Mike Shepherd (links to profile with links to my reviews).