Covert Affairs – New Series Premiere Review

I don’t know what it is with me and spies, so many of my favorite television past times are spy affairs like Chuck, Nikita, Alias, Jake 2.0 and now Covert Affairs. 50% of the CIA is young people with less than five years of on the job and they are recommended to date each others to avoid having to vent outsiders. It is like Club Med without the drinks, Auggie tells Annie.

Title: Covert Affairs
Original channel: USA
Genre: Spy drama
Status: Series premiere

This show mixes exciting spy action with everyday drama as it follows the lives and adventures of young CIA agent Annie Walker, her colleagues and family. Annie is a wiz at languages; she lives in her sister Danielle’s guesthouse with a cat. She is burned by love. She had three weeks of bliss on Sri Lanka with this guy a couple of years ago before he left her in the middle of the night with a note that said “The Truth is complicated”. You could say she got trust issues.

Annie Walker is one month from graduation at the Farm, CIA’s training facility when she is taken to Langley for a mission that needs her looks and language skills. As unbelievable as it might sound CIA is out of good looking girls that can talk Russian, I know the cold war is over but come on! The writers should have been able to come up with something better there. She is sent undercover as a call girl to an hotel to pick up intel from a known Russian assassin. It should have been an easy mission but what fun would that be. A sniper vents the place and she has to escape leaving the intel behind in the confusion. The good with that is that she goes back and meet the FBI investigator in charge (they have chemistry I hope we will see him again).

The action continues fast paced throughout the pilot and Piper Perabo is gorgeous, witty, determined and yet vulnerable. She gets very convincing when she is angry. It is easy to draw parallels to Alias but the show  manages to distinguish itself and so do Piper.

Aggie and Annie has wonderful chemistry already, that is unusual so early in a show. It usually takes me a couple of episodes to be convinced they really like each other. I have been a fan of Christopher Gorham since Jake 2.0 (loved that show) and he is brilliant and charming here playing Auggie the blind tech who introduces Annie to the CIA.

They work at DPD (Domestic Protection Division) a part of the Clandestine Service. Their department boss is the razor-sharp Joan Campbell and she is married to their big boss Arthur. Their marriage is a rocky affair; they even go to company provided couples’ counseling. I am not sure Joan is wrong, Arthur seems like a player but he is good at covering his tracks. His main concerns seem to be that someone is leaking information to the press.

Annie’s family doesn’t know what she works with and part of the charm is to see her balance living with a normal family of four. Her sister is worried she doesn’t date so she invites a blind date to dinner, humor and catastrophe. Plus her sister thinks she is a bad liar, if only she knew.

There is a big mystery around Annie’s lost love Ben Mercer (Eion Bailey) he shows up and saves her life as a guardian angel and the CIA knows about him, they want him for something and Joan and Arthur is using Annie for bait.


  • Annie Walker played by Piper Perabo (loved her in Coyote Ugly) is an intrepid young agent in training for the CIA
  • Auggi Anderson (Christopher Gorham, loved him in Jake 2.0 a sort of predecessor of Chuck) Blind tech guy and Annie’s partner.
  • Arthur Campbell (Peter Gallagher) Director of the Clandestine Service and married to Joan
  • Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett -) is Annie’s boss, chief of DPD (Domestic Protection Division)
  • Conrad Sheehan III (Eric Lively) Annie’s attracted to him in the pilot but he is being written out and replaced with Jai Wilcox according to tfc.
  • Danielle (Anne Dudek) is Annie’s sister
  • Ben Mercer (Eion Bailey) is the love of her life. They had a three week of bliss on Sri Lanka before he left in the middle of the night with a note that said “The truth is complicated”. Now he is Annie’s guardian angel/stalker but also unknown to Annie a person of intense interest for her bosses.
  • Jai Wilcox (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is Annie’s new love interest, we haven’t seen him yet.


Next episode

Tuesday, July 20

Episode 1.02 – New CIA agent Annie Walker is still forced to work on low-key cases until she is tipped off that an IRA cell operates in America.