Coyote Frontier by Allen Steele (Coyote 3)

Allen Steele continues the story about humanity’s first interstellar colony in Coyote Frontier. See American Revolution 2.0 for my view on the 2 previous books.

We revisit Wendy and Carlos and their family as Coyote get yet another visit from Earth. This time from the European Alliance. As the colony grows new conflicts emerge and old problem like pollution and destruction of the environment resurfaces which is kind of ironic as Earth itself is dying faster and faster which the colonist discover for themselves when they go back for a visit.

Coyote gets a Stargate! We learn more about what happened on Earth since the Union.

Carlos, Wendy and Chris goes to the Environmentally Challenged Earth and establishes some kind of working relation with the home planet. An Eccentric billionaire offers a surprise or 2.

There is a 2nd(3rd?) Revolution, a wedding, a murder, and a surprise visit at the end …

Allen has a thought-provoking vision of the consequences if we continue to use up our worlds nonrenewable resources and don’t stop pollution.

The characters in the story are fairly well developed and paint a good picture of life on the Frontier and on the declining Earth.

I give it 4 Stars (of five), a good read.