Cybermage’s Monthly Journal July 2011

Welcome to Cybermage and this look at July.

Vacation is great. I have relaxed like never before beside some small home improvement. I look forward to start working again next week, too much relaxation does that to me. I read somewhere that the Germans has most free days per year in the world – 40 days per year holidays and vacation included.  Sweden have 33-34 work free days per year which is good enough for me.

I have read a lot this month, most the last week when I read nine books! But I am having trouble deciding on the best as none was that mind blowing. I guess A Beautiful Friendship a YA about Honor Harrington’s ancestor and her treecat companion and Halting State a near future virtual crime story in the world of MMO gaming has to share the honor.

The Flandry series is a bit dated but still enjoyable. I decided to sample a few female writers since my balance was too male. Eleanor Arnason’s A Woman of the Iron People was an interesting and different take on first contact, very down to earth. The Long Tomorrow by Leigh Brackett is a post nuclear war story from the fifties so some was dated but I enjoyed the characters and the down-to-earth every-day kind of approach of it. In a way it reminded me of Nathan Lowell’s science fiction.

Next month I will try to cover this summer’s releases and prepare for the upcoming Fall season.

Books Read

Click the covers for a larger image and linked titles for reviews.

  1. Dark Nadir (Shola Alliance 5) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1999)
  2. Razor’s Edge (Shola Alliance 4) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1997)
  3. Fire Margins (Shola Alliance 3) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1996)
  4. Fortune’s Wheel (Shola Alliance 2) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1995)
  5. Turning Point (Shola Alliance 1) by Lisanne Norman (DAW 1993)
  6. Out of the Dark (Blackbird  3) by Barbara Karmazin (Liquid Silver 2004)
  7. Down Came a Blackbird (Blackbird  2) by Barbara Karmazin (Atlantic Bridge 2001)
  8. The Long Tomorrow by Leigh Brackett (ACE 1962, 1st 1955)
  9. A Woman of the Iron People by Eleanor Arnason (William Morrow 1991)
  10. Glastornen [The Glass Towers] (Glastornen 1) by KG Johansson (Wela 2011, 1st 2005)
  11. Rule 34 (Halting State book 2) by Charles Stross (Ace 2011)
  12. Halting State (Halting State book 1) by Charles Stross (Ace 2008, 1st 2007)
  13. Captain Flandry (Omnibus) by Poul Anderson (Baen 2010)
  14. Hell Ship by Philip Palmer (Orbit 2011)
  15. The Rebel Worlds (Dominic Flandry 3, read as part of Young Flandry) by Paul Anderson (Baen 2010, 1st 1969)
  16. A Circus of Hells (Dominic Flandry 2, read as part of Young Flandry) by Paul Anderson (Baen 2010, 1st 1970)
  17. Ensign Flandry (Dominic Flandry 1, read as part of Young Flandry) by Paul Anderson (Baen 2010, 1st 1966)
  18. Resurrection Code (AngeLINK prequel) by Lyda Morehouse (Mad Norwegian Press 2011)
  19. Recursion (Recursion book 1) by Tony Bellantyne (Bantam Spectra 2006, 1st 2004)
  20. A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber – ARC (Baen 2011)

Please see my to be read list and request reviews

Reviews of Earlier Reads

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  1. The Pandoran Age Chronicles (Omnibus The Rise of the Taloned Sire, The Pandoran War) by Dante D’Anthony (Chronos Production 2010) – review copy from author
  2. Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse 1) by James S. A. Corey (Orbit 2011)

Please see my list of books pending review and request reviews

Books Received

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Review copies

  1. The Highest Frontier by Joan Slonczewski (Tor)

Books bought by me


  1. Heart of Iron by Ekaterina Seida (Prime 2011)
  2. The Stars Blue Yonder (The Outback Stars 3) by Sandra McDonald (Tor 2009)
  3. The Stars Down Under (The Outback Stars 2) by Sandra McDonald (Tor 2008)
  4. The Outback Stars (The Outback Stars 1) by Sandra McDonald (Tor 2007)
  5. Hell Ship by Philip Palmer (Orbit 2011)
  6. A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire 4) by George R. R. Martin (Random House Audio 2010, 1st 2005)
  7. A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber – ARC (Baen 2011)