Cybermage’s TV week November 1-7

Next week looks promising for us genre viewers.

Chuck is on hiatus this week.

My review of Sunday’s Lost Girl will be out on Tuesday.

The Event is back after last week’s hiatus. Episode seven is called “I know who you are” and is about the mole in the Presidents organization and Sofia has to take command of all her fractions in preparation for the next step whatever that is. The impressive and a bit unbelievable competent Sean and his two ladies will try to stay one step ahead of the ones hunting him. I am entertained by the Event and it is growing on me, I think I will make a review of this week’s episode, expect it on Wednesday.

Young and Rush have learned nothing about being alone together in this week’s Stargate Universe 2.07 – The Greater Good. The Destiny comes upon a heavy damaged ship and they both space walk over (Destiny doesn’t have any shuttles any more). Maybe we will learn more about what happen to Telford this episode. They find empty pods like the ones in the old Seed ship just before the engines suddenly fires. I am looking forward to this episode where it looks like Rush little secret will come out and play.

I think I will take a look at No Ordinary Family later in the week. It is kind of entertaining.

There is a blue episode this week on Fringe. Wonder if Olivia’s call from last week will start to crumble fauxolivia’s cover? This week fifteen people, from up and down the coast come down with amnesia after listening to the same frequency, 6995 kHz on the radio. Peter will apparently continue to pick up pieces to that doomsday device. The obvious plan is to get him to assemble it here because it is here it is supposed to go off. I rather hope that sometime down the line they will find a way to make the dimensions safe again while retaining the ability to travel between them.

The Big Bang Theory keeps getting better and better, their guest stars have been great too. It really is like Friends with geeks in many ways. I guess that would make Sheldon Joey Tribbiani?

Sanctuary’s new season is rather young but it is catching up well. The Big Guy picked up on some kind of assassin killing off friends to the Sanctuary network last episode and we have the whole lost city mystery to follow too. I like Amanda Tappings but that is not the only reason I like the series, the other characters are rather interesting too as well as some of the creatures. This week Katie gets to walk around in tights as she merges with an abnormal that grants superpowers. This kind of reminds me of a recent Warehouse 13 with a similar story, not very original Syfy.

Sam and Dean continue the hunt for the Alphas in this week’s episode of Supernatural where skinwalkers infiltrate ordinary families as their pets creating an army of sleepers. The only way to stop them is to kill the Alpha. Last week’s episode revealed a lot of what is going on. I knew something was off but I had no idea it was that off.

The Walking Dead was really good last week and it left us in a tank surrounded by zombies. I hope Rick gets out alive or this series will be cut short. It doesn’t look like he will be hooking up with his wife and son soon, at least not before he gets another group in trouble. It is a bit rowdy with good action. The only thing that is really lacking is a gorgeous heroine to match.

The week ends with Lost Girl, the content has not been released yet but expect some feisty action and another Review. Pity Showcase has closed down the Lost Girl website from other contries. That is weird; I think they should make more promo for this show. It really deserves to be sold to more countries.

That is my week.