Cybermage’s TV week October 11-17

Fall season is heating up, no new genre shows this week but Sanctuary returns with a new season.

Chuck this week looks good, the team go on a trip to visit that dictator Awesome saved. They expect the holiday they wished for but instead they get a coup and some dirty laundry to wash. NBC knows spies, best series on Mondays in my book even of the Event showed some hope last week and this week looks like its going to get the ball rolling towards I don’t know where but it looks like Alien Nations.

One series that I picking up is SGU. They finally found the Bridge last week and this week they find another Destiny! Derelict starship adventures, I am tingling all over, aren’t you?

I haven’t seen Caprica yet, if the buzz says it is okay I will but the first part of the season left me rather unimpressed.

The Big Bang Theory gets a visit from BSG and Star Trek worth a look. Katee Sackhoff visits Wolowitz again, this time accompanied by George Takei.

The blue Fringe episode this week is about shape shifters and Walter taking charge of his new company.

Castiel returned to Supernatural and told the guys they where missing some nukes from heaven last week.  And the angels killed Sam’s car all in good fun.

Bo will help a Fae bookie in Lost Girl this weekend. That is a series you should really tune in to, it is great.

Sanctuary Season 2 Returns

The giant earth shattering spider slash hot indian chick cliffhanger of last season will get its resolution soon.

Looks like the new season will center around the search for a lost city Dr. Helena Magnus father left clues about.

It was supposed to be paired with SGU but now it brightens our Fridays instead.