Cybermage’s TV week October 19-24

Lets have a look at next week’s television. There are no new shows this week. Chuck, SGU, (Fringe), The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural and Lost Girl are still my favorites but The Event is coming strongly. And after Sanctuary’s strong season premiere it is also on my favorite list.

There is no Fringe this week? Oh No! Three weeks hiatus! Fringe returns November 4.

Casey’s former team turn up in Chuck on Monday an Morgan is about to reveal his affair with Alex? Castle and The Event might be be interesting too.

Chloe is a controversial character on Stargate Universe and this week’s episode is about her. The blue aliens infected Chloe with a pathogen that is slowly taking control. From the promo she looks like a brainy River Tam. This is the show I am most looking forward to this week.

There will be more superheroes in No Ordinary Family and the kids start to be involved. It is a charming piece.

The Big Bang Theory is another show I look forward to. Looks like girlfriend drama this week. Will Leonord try to get back  with Penny? Too soon?

Dean turns into a vampire on Friday’s Supernatural .

Will is having problems with visions  in Sanctuary and it looks like they are going to kick of this season arc.

Bo will be helping a Fae bookie that is being ripped off by a dead human. Zombie time!

Nice week.