Cybermage’s TV Week October 4-10

I will change this a bit, and only focus on the coming week. Monday is Chuck and Castle day, Tuesday is Stargate Universe and No Ordinary Family day, Wednesday is Undercovers day, Thursday is Fringe and Big Bang Theory day, Friday is Supernatural day and Sunday is Lost Girl day. Most of the other genre shows goes on the to-watch-later pile. I have still not decided about the Event, those time jumps just rub me the wrong way and the characters fail to touch me.

I think Chuck in particular will be a treat this week when Sarah’s old schoolmate slash Ring operative returns to the Buy More.

When it comes to Stargate Universe I try to not have any expectations where it is going since they seems to be doing something completely new here. One thing fans have been expecting for a long time is about to happen on Tuesday when Rush will …

I also look forward to learn how Olivia works out on the other Fringe team.

Audrey Parker made a discovery at the end of last episode of Haven that changes everything she thought she knew about herself and now it is time for the season finale.

New this week

  • Lie To Me (Fox) Monday, October 4 – Season 3 premiere

Finales this week

  • Haven (Syfy) Sunday, October 8 – Great new Stephen King based supernatural procedural season one finale
  • The Glades (A&E) Sunday October 3 – Great new procedural season one finale.

Caprica Season 1.5

Syfy changed their minds and returned Caprica season 1.5 early. It will now run together with SGU on Tuesdays.

Seems they have been beefing up the new season and changed the focus towards the Cylons and hopefully away from that dreadful drama I started to loath last season.

I will give Caprica 1.5 a try but I don’t feel particularly positive about it.