David Weber (Author)

David Weber, author, and his wife Sharon at CONduit 17 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Source WikipediaDavid Weber is one of my absolute favorite authors. To get you hooked on him, I have provided links to David Weber’s Free Online Books thanks to Baen’s Free Online Library. Enjoy!

It is primarily his military science fiction I have read and like. This is a collection of articles I have written on this blog (Cybermage.se) and some random thoughts. If you are looking for a more in-depth and complete page about David Weber you have to go to Wikipedia or such, see the Links section at the end of this.


Honor Harrington

Honor Harrington is also one of my favorites. I resisted starting the series for a long time before I read On Basilisk Station and was hooked.

  1. On Basilisk Station (Free Online at Baen)
  2. The Honor of the Queen (Free Online at Baen)
  3. The Short Victorious War
  4. Field of Dishonor
  5. Flag in Exile
  6. Honor Among Enemies
  7. In Enemy Hands
  8. Echoes of Honor
  9. Ashes of Victory
  10. War of Honor
  11. At All Costs
  12. Mission of Honor

Torch/Wages of Sin (Honorverse subseries with Eric Flint)

Cloak and Daggery, Genetic slavery and the Aligment(Mesa/Manpower) conspiracy is the focus of this Honorverse subseries.

  1. Crown of Slaves (Free Online at Baen)
  2. Torch of Freedom

Saganami (Honorverse subseries)

The series so far has been mainly about Michelle Henke

  1. The Shadow of Saganami (Free Online at Baen)
  2. Storm from the Shadows


The kill-all-competition-specie Gaba have exterminated most of the human race. The last chance for humanity lies in hiding. So they flee and hide on a planet they call Safehold and create a rigid society that prohibits all technology more advanced than water and muscles. But something goes wrong part of the leadership set themselves up as Angels and they don’t want any change. But others have taken precautions one of them is a long dead woman, Nimue in a cybernetic body who wakes up after more than 800 years with a mission to restore civilization to Safehold.

  1. Off Armageddon Reef
  2. By Schism Rent Asunder
  3. By Heresies Distressed
  4. A Mighty Fortress


Awsome space opera. I have read those books many times. Epic!

  1. Mutineer’s Moon (Free Online at Baen)
  2. The Armageddon Inheritance
  3. Heirs to the Empire

There is an omnibus version out Empire from the Ashes

1632 – Ring of Fire – Assiti Shards (with Eric Flint)

Written with Eric Flint in his 1632 universe(A conteporary american town – Grantville is shifted in time to 1632’s thirty-years-war Europe).

  1. 1633 (Free Online at Baen)
  2. 1634 The Baltic War

Starfire (with Steve White)

I got the whole series and will eventually write about it here. Slightly less personification but more military than David Webers usually is.

Empire of Man (with John Ringo)

The prince Roger series is an excellent collaboration between David Weber and John Ringo and is one of my favorites. I often go back and reread it.

  1. March Upcountry (Free Online at Baen)
  2. March to the Sea (Free Online at Baen)
  3. March to the Stars
  4. We few


Stand alone Novels

  • Path of the Fury and its expanded version In Fury Born are also a personal favorite. I have reread them many times.

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